Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Updates For Tonight:

Ok, now that the Pumpkin is completed,

I thought I would announce (as if you couldn't see already)  I've changed the look of the blog.  I'm using my favorite painting, "Prisoner of Asgard" for the background and for the profile picture, but I will be changing it from time to time as the seasons change.  Halloween and such. But I thought it was a new change from the default beige theme, even though it looked nice.  

Ok, I do have one more pumpkin I wanna do (a small one) but I will be back tonight with updates on some horses. 
And a reminder that Silver Cloud's deadline approaches. He already has an offer and his deadline is August 27th I do believe.
Check out the link below,

Oh, and the Sir Thomas Sharpe, Crimson Peak  Pumpkin will be in Ebay probably tonight. 

One last note of mention.  My websites are down. lol  Not really.  I'm having trouble and have been for months with my webspace provider. My domains are not forwarding to the site.  The only people who can see my site are people that already have it book marked and the long url is what is needed to view it.  So I will keep my site's link in the blog readily available for people to view.  And I'll have the problem ironed out ASAP.

For right now, just bookmark THIS url below 

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