Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Western Pleasure and a new TWH in the works:

The APH Western Pleasure model is nearing completion.  I still have some fine tuning to do yet and i want to smooth out the white paint areas a little.  
I like the blue and brown eye a little better now but it's still not right. I think he'd look really awesome in a silver and turquoise western tack set. Or maybe almost like a blackened silver tack set. 

And here's the new Tennessee Walker Horse.  It's in a rough state right now but it's coming along. I had been so busy with other stuff, I hadn't had time to work on this one. But I'm gonna get started back on this one asap. I'm not sure what it's gonna be.  Mare Stallion?  I was maybe toying with doing it as a Walkaloosa but I don't know. If someone decides they want him before he/she gets painted it'll be up to them and not me lol   It's definitely got a majestic pose. Maybe a mare??

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Pegasus and the Western Pleasure Horse Gets LOUD Color:

I don't like his blue eye so much, so I'm gonna repaint it.  I'm actually gonna do it cracked glass style with blue and brown mixed in the same eye but I'm just not liking the direction the pupil is going, so I'm gonna re-do that blue eye. It'll look better when I do I think. 

And here's the Pegasus.  I was going to fix it so he was attached from the back but that didn't work so well. I couldn't keep him from flipping upside down and every which way, so I put him on a acrylic rod and on a base.  It's better this way anyway I think. 
He's got to have some shading and antiquing yet. This is just the base coat. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Updated the Site's Menu:

Planning to add some more progress pictures within the next 24 hrs I hope.  Been busy updating the website's menu page.  It was just so many different pages. I added everything all on one page now, so it may be easier to navigate.   Go to Model Repaints, and it's all set up new.  Still working on any broken links.  If anyone has trouble with a page just going into nowhere, sometimes you can reload it or click backspace and it will show up. I don't know if it's the site's provider or my being on AOL that's doing it.  But if there are any troubles you can always email me and let me know. If the new menu page doesn't show up for you guys, just try wiping your history and that may help. Your computer is probably bookmarking to memory the last time you visited the site. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Western Pleasure APH:

He's really flashy.  I haven't done his hind socks yet.  I have to hold on to him somehow while painting.  I have a lot of detailing to do to the spots and hairing and such.
But he looks nice.  He'll make a lovely Western pleasure horse.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Stablemate Commission Trio Completed, Kirin up for Offers, and Western Pleasure Gelding getting Colorful:

First up, the Stablemate Appys are done.  So far as I can tell.

The Kirin is available for Offers and has an opening Offer of $300.00 So any offers, send them in through email ..

And finally the Western pleasure horse I've been working on is finally getting some color.  He's darker in person than the pictures look.  He's going to be a flashy shockingly loud Overo or Sabino APH.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Newest Kirin is Completed and the Stablemate Appys Get Color:

The Kirin is done and the new stablemates are getting color.  I have completed so far one of the appys. The little seal bay blnaket and the leopard is almost complete.  The chestnut blanket one is still half done.

And the newest Kirin filly is complete.  So cute!