Friday, July 31, 2015

Walkaloosa TWH Completed and Equine Goat gets more sculpting:

Well the TWH is done.  "Midnight's Bull Run" is now finished. 

Here's the Goat Equine creature.  He's getting more done on his tail, and I primed him a little just to look at the sculpt work so far in a solid white coloration. It helps to visualize it better. I did tweak the horns a little more. I'm trying to get them just right.  And he's going to have a rocky snow covered base so I added the rocks to the bottom.  I still have more to do yet.  I will probably finish his tail up tomorrow. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TWH Almost Completed and Goat Equine Coming Along:

The TWH  Walkaloosa is almost completed. He's already got a home to go to so his new owner should be excited to see this progress update.  He's going to his first show in August and I'm sure they'll let me know how he does.  I've got no doubt he's walking away with a Place ribbon of some kind.  What do you all think?

And here's the Goat Equine Creature. He's getting his front foot feathering and more work to his horns and just some more furring along his body. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shout Outs From Luvjeordie Studios:

I'm gonna add some new updates on a couple horses tonight hopefully.  The Goat Equine creature and the Appaloosa TWH, which is already spoken for.  (sorry guys, he didn't make it to the auction block lol)  

But I wanna introduce "my peoples"  to this crafter, Angela Venable. that has a Youtube channel and a lot of other outlets.  You've got to see her artwork. but more than that you really should check out the YouTube channel.  I LOVE her accent.  Straight up Cajun I think.  Anyway, I crack up laughing every time at some of the videos.   But on a crafting note, you've GOT to see the work they do.  They make distressed canvas's (something I hope to do soon)  and scrapbooks and just albums and jewelry.  You've GOT to see the latest book they just made.  I wanted to put a link to it in here, as well as a link to their Ebay auction for it.  It's for sale.  The price may seem startling to some people $200.00 but it's really not for those of you that have ever priced scrap booking papers, embellishments, ribbons, and pre-printed card stocks, and stamped papers and inks and all of those things that go into making thinks like this.  It aint cheap. let me tell you.  And the amount of contents in this particular album, as well as the work and time, and the fact the album it'self is completely made.  It's not just an album that was decorated. no. The book itself was made in another video I'm gonna post the link to also, from scratch all the way down to the spine and page dividers.  If you like distressed cluttered scrap books or albums with tons of pockets to tuck things into and explore for hours, you're gonna love this.  There's just something about looking and through an album or book that has tons of little  nooks, and crannies, and secret compartments, and hidden pockets.  It reminds me of back when I was a child exploring my mom's, and grandmothers old pocket books in the closet looking for old quarters.... or the occasional petrified roll of lifesavers.  lol . 

But mostly check out the character of this lady.  She's hilarious, and really addictive to watch.  You'll wanna subscribe to her channel for sure. 

Here is the first video making the album.

Here's the second video of the completed album.

Here's the Ebay auction link for those that may wanna buy it. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Plants and Fish:

Some videos of some fun do it yourself stuff for summer.

Porch Fish Pond Planter

Recycled Tire Planter

My Fish Aquarium

Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Lockwood's Lady Noelle" Completed:

Lockwood's Lady Noelle, is now completed and will be listed in MH$P for the weekend as a Buy It Now, and then if there are no immediate buyers, she'll probably go to Ebay Monday night with a reserve.
Her profile page is in my website with all the photos from all angles. 

Will accept 2 equal Time Payments if purchased this weekend with 1st payment made now.  (payments are nonrefundable) 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Walkaloosa getting his spots and Shire mare almost done:

Another day more updates.  Ok, I did shave down all that mane and ruff around his shoulder and he looks much much better now with more equine characteristics than the sheep like body of a cashmere goat. The tail needs tweaking though.  He's coming along. I can't do too much sculpting on him because I'll have no way of holding on to him while I sculpt. So he's drying now.  I think I want to do a second one maybe, only because I can't decide on the color.  Well, I can decide but the thing is he'd look so good in both color ideads I had.  I want to do this guy in a antiqued shaded white coloration, but I also thought he would look incredible as a dark faced silver sable.  With a blackened face and black legs and just a smokey sable color. So maybe I should do two of them and paint one one way and the other the other way. But I will see how he looks when he's done.  Sometimes I picture something a certain color all the way through the creation and finally, I"m like, naaahhhh.  Let's go with something else.  So he may better suit to dark blackened wolf sable.  

Here is the Shire mare nearing completion.  She's going to have the mane braided ribbon and tail ribbons.

I took two sets of pictures of the TWH.  With flash and without the flash.  He's looking like a show stopper to me. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

TWH CM and more:

Well here's the TWH or Walkaloosa I've been knee deep in. He's a roan walkaloosa. I have a reference picture I'm working on him from.  He's got a lot more detailing yet to do. Here he is with his base coloring. He's going to resemble Silver Cloud a little bit I think.

And here's the whatever you call it.  I have been on Google for 20 mins trying to relocate the name of this half goat half horse creature and I can't find it anywhere now.  So I'm going to have to check all my scraps of papers around my computer and see if I can find the piece of paper I wrote the thing's name on back when I located it online..   I'm torn on how to do this.
I filled in the fur around the shoulder on the left side, but when i looked at the right side with the bare muscle showing and just a smaller ruff of fur around the neck and jaw I kind of liked that better. So now I don't know whether I wanna shave the fur off the shoulder and leave it more like the other side or fill in the fur on the other side to match what's already sculpted.  I don't want it to look totally wooly like a goat. I do want it to be horse like with fringes of fur and trim around the legs and feet and chest, like the Kirin's I did.  I don't know. I'm still tweaking it. 

Looking at him again, I really think I'm gonna shave down some of that apoxie on the shoulder and do it more sparsely and leave him more horse like. I really like the above side better.  (I guess)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New horses:

Finally working on projects again.  I had more to photograph but my batteries were dying, so I will have to post pics of the TWH next time.  Here is the Shire mare getting some color.

And here's the new creature I'm working on.  It's a cross between a horse and a goat.  There is such a creature, (well in mythology there is) and I looked up the name of the animal a while ago and lost the paper I wrote it on so I'll Google it again and post it. Anyway, it's a cross between a goat and a equine, and there is a name for it.
I'm using my Cashgora goat Merlin for a horn reference..