Friday, December 5, 2014

New Kirin Filly, Pegasus, and a Suffolk Punch...(I hope):

Here she is.  A third Kirin. This is a new little filly Kirin and she's scratching her little beard.  I like her so far.  She's gonna be just as cute as the first set.

Now I'm doing a Pegasus model.  I was doing this one for myself but I don't know.  I'm planning to affix a eye-ring into the model between the wings on the back so he can be hung from the ceiling or from a stand.  I wanted to have him in my bedroom or living room hainging from the ceiling flying.

Now, I'm doing a Suffolk Punch out of this classic sized drafter model shire.  I hope.  I've got to shorten the front leg I know and it's just got a lot more work to be done to it.  I want it to be a heavier short legged draft breed and I've wanted to do an old-school Suffolk Punch for a while.
I've got a lot of sculpt work to do to the legs and feet as well. I'm still just doing the first stages of body bulking.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Male Kirin Complete:

I think he's as cute as the first one. 

I'm also working on a little Schleich Turkey.  I'm painting it to be a Royal Palm breed.  He's got a lot more work to go though.  I just started the base coloring.  

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

New Little Male Kirin Ready For Paint:

Here's the new Kirin all ready for paint.  He's gonna be cute. 
And below that is a new Stablemate Andalusian I'm doing.  He's got a braided mane and tail and his mouth has been opened a bit with teeth barred.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A new Kirin and some other things in the works:

Got a few things in the works.  A brand new Kirin is in the workinsg.  I think this one's a little boy this time despite the fact you can't really tell. He's ready for PPP. [Prep]-[Prime]-and [Paint]

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Painting:

Officer Stalter's back!  LOL  The lovely Cop that I painted the portrait of the tactical gear for that everyone watched me do in this blog (including the Officer)  has returned once again and this time I'm painting a portrait of his neice for him.  This is gonna be fun.  I just started the sketch of it so it looks really rough right now but as with all my paintings they always start out that way.  Anyway, here's the beginning of the new painting. 

Ok,  It's November 14th technically. 1:22 AM and the portrait's coming along pretty good. I'm gonna put the date on here each time I edit this post and add more pictures of the progress because I'm not doing seperate posts for each update.

It's now November 16th, and it's 4:00 AM, here are some more progress pictures. Here eyes look a little uneven in some of the pictures but it's because of the way I'm holding the canvas board in one hand while taking the picture in the other. It bows the board a little. But I'll have final pictures of it propped up on something.  

November 18, 12:30 AM
The first two of the three of these new update images looked a little blurry,  Sorry for that, but the last one is a little better.

It's November 20th 3:42 AM and the painting is DONE.  Here are the last few progress images.

And Completed!