Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Totilas Dressage Mare nearing completion.

I've nearly got her done.  Her tail is just base coated right now and needs to be shaded with pastels and then gone over with an acylic antiquing layer. Since she's pastelled the tail is the handle and thus far the last to get painted. lol
'She's still got to have her hooves shaded and streaked and some more highlighting colors in her eyes. She's got to have some more shading on the socks too, but other than that she's basically done. She'll have a clear acrylic base for her foot stand also.  That's an old Salinero base I'm using for the painting. Her clear base is kept away from spray and paint.  She's got a pink snip on her nose and some pink on her bottom lip in front and a large white star with a slight streak to it on her forehead.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Totilas Mare, Appaloosa Stallion, and TWH:

The Totilas Mare is getting some dapples finally
I quit for the night, so this is the result so far.

Here's the Adios stallion.  I used the foal from the birth mare set as inspiration.  What would he look like grown up maybe.  lol So we have the brown loepard appaloosa stallion now.

And finally the TWH twin. He's getting that buckskin base coat down.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ready for final prepping:

The full pass dressage mare "Totilas" is primed for the first time and ready for last looks and final prepping.  Been working nonstop on her.

The TWH twins are doing awesome!  One boy is primed and ready for final prepping. The other got a neck and is moving right along. One of these awsome boys is going to be a dappled buckskin.

Totilas Mare has a neck!

Totilas Mare getting more body and the TWH twin is ready for the final sand down and priming.  I finally figured out what is up with the head. I changed this guy's head.  I refined it and lengthened the whole head. Now the head is more elegant and not so short and boxy and choppy looking.  I did however figure out what the illusion was with the head.  The real Totilas when doing dressage and appears to have a shorter blocky head, actually has his mouth open most of the times, and that makes his head look bulkier and a bit shorter.  He's got his teeth gritted and his lips curled back chomping at the bit.  Well, the model has that short boxy face but the model's mouth is closed.  So THAT'S what's giving it the optical allusion of being short yet not being short at the same time. He's got the length of the open mouth Totilas but the artist left the mouth closed.

Full Passing Totilias nearing the finish line!

Filling in and sculpting muscle. Got to do somethign about the head though.
The TWH twin is coming along.  I'm short on Apoxie so I may have to buy some before I can complete the other twin. I don't know.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Stuff in the Studio!

Totilas has been hacked up.  It's been so frustrating trying to come up with "something"......ANYTHING that people haven't done before already on this new Breyer totilas. The first thing that comes to mind is the front leg stretched outward for an extended trot, but since it really only requires the one front leg moved, everybody is doing that pose now.  So scratch that.  Then I thought, ok, I'll try a collected piaffe pose bouncing.  Well, that seems to be the second most popular pose being done now.  SIGH.  So, I came up with one of two poses nobodie's done yet. The other I'll keep a secret til I get another Totilas.  lol 
But the one I'm doing, I have yet to see anyone do one yet, so I jumped at it.  A Full Pass.  And this baby's gonna be a MARE! A grey mare.  I need to do something to that blocky face of Totilas though.  It's the strangest thing.  I've seen pictures of Totilas and from the photos of him portrait style, he's got a beautiful elegant head.  But when he's under saddle in this dressage ring for some reason his side view, he's got that big bulky block head.  It's the craziest thing.  I thought when I first saw this model that it looked so weird in the face.  The front looks stunning, (the nostrils don't match though)  but he's elegant and slender and beautiful in the face.  But from the side the sculpture looks totally off for him.  It's blocky and bulky and short.  Looks nothing like Keltec Salinero head which is so stunning.  So you'd think it looks nothing like the real horse right?  Wrong.  Totilas has that same blocky bulky head.  Yet only when performing it seems.  I have seen posed photos of him standing in halter and his head isn't blocky or short at all.  So the horse morphs! lol  He looks one way one time and another way another.  But the sculpture portrays him with the blocky head.  So it's a great likeness and at the same time it's not a good look. lol  I think for my model though, the ears need to flop down a bit in front and the head needs some refining.

Here are some pictures to illustrate.

See how his head is so elegant and slender.  Comparing these images to the Breyer sculpture they don't match well at all.  Looks totally off.  But when you look at the Breyer sculpture compared to the below images, it's totally dead on.

Next for the work table.  I've got a couple of TWH twins in the mix.

And a American Saddlebred is in the works.