Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Stuff For August:

I'm working on another new TWH. This time what I wanna do is take pictures of him from beginning to end and i want to make a Youtube slideshow type video and upload it to my channel. If it doesn't work out doing that then I'll put the shots in here.  I would like to do some Youtube videos instead of taking up so much space in the blog.  From what I understand you only get so much space to store images and things in here and I want people to be able to keep revisiting old posts and sort them through tags and dates.  Anyway, I'll see how it goes. I'm not much on making videos.  I don't have a proper video camera and am just using my digital camera to do it. But this isn't really going to be a live action movie video with dialog anyway. Just a slideshow montage.  So we'll see.  

But I do have another Appaloosa I'm working on.  I haven't decided the gender yet but it's a Trakehner Custom.  The neck is in the sculpting phase and I'm going to shave it down, shape it up, streamline it a bit more, and sand it.  So it looks a little thick yet but it's going to be modified more.  It's just at a stopping point with the wet apoxie. 

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