Friday, February 26, 2016

New Updates:

Well, after getting over the head cold, I wasn't happy until I sprained my ankle.  So now after a few days of limping around like a lame horse, I've finally gotten back to doing something other than laying around on the sofa. 

Here's the cow so far now.  She's coming along nice I think.  Hard to believe it started out as a Breyer Angus Bull. 

And this is the second laying down foal out of the 1/6 scale Camilla foal Breyer model.  I'm not sure what I wanna do to the neck if anything. I like her head up and ears up but I don't know if I like her facing that side.  It almost looks like she's facing away from the way she best sits.  But I really like her different from the way i did the first one.  So i may keep her like this.  I don't know yet.  

And this is the running Wixom so far. I wanna do it as a running Gypsy Vanner but it's I think gonna be a appy Vanner.  I have a reference photo I'm looking at.  This guy's gonna be really heavy built.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Back With More Updates:

After taking a week and a half away from artwork to recover from a bad cold, I'm back.  Got more updates on the 1/6 Scale frolicking foal. I shortened that neck a bit.  He's also got a new mouth now but I needed to let him dry again before taking anymore pictures. I also lengthened one of his ears which was too short compared to the other one. He's got a leg wire now too.

This is the cow so far.  
 I didn't like how long the body was so I shortened it some. 

She's got a lot more sculpting work done to her but she needed to dry before I could take more pictures.  I'll have an update tonight.

And this..... Trust me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A New Cow And More Updates:

Got the final word on Poco.  All I have to do is add her formal real name to her stomach and she's done.  So here it is. 
"Jus Enuf Covenant"

Here's the third Afghan Hound.

And here's an interesting project I've just started.  God, I always start so many things at once.  Here's an old Aryshire or red and white Holstein (whichever)  bull I did back in 2006. I know that because that's what was signed under the hoof.  It was one I had on my shelf and I'm recycling it. lol  It's now gonna be a COW!....I hope.
I'm thinking I want it to be a walking large cow.  I'm just hacking away and melting the areas that are left to move into the right position.  It's going to be quite the overhaul. I think she'll be really pretty once she's done. 

And here's the one six scale foal.  I don't know what it is but I don't like the neck yet.  I liked the length of it before but for some reason after adding the clay in for the muscle, now I don't like the length.  I don't know.  I'll have to see what's a miss. But I like everything else.  It may just be the angle I took the picture in was a little odd. I didn't extend the neck to be any longer.  Just moved it upright more and tilted his head back.  So I don't know why it seems like the neck is off. (too long)  I don't know.  I'll just have to fiddle with it. 

Also, it may not have gone un-noticed, but I ordered the WHITE apoxie as I normally do, but for some reason they sent me NATURAL this time.  It's a bit of a pain and takes some getting used to for me.  The setting texture is different.  The white is more creamy when you mix it up.  The natural is just grainier or something.  It's not as creamy.  It's stiffer too.  I don't know what it is.  I have never used the Super White though, so I don't know what that does dofferently.  I think the basic white is white enough.  I don't know how much whiter it can get. lol   I do notice the natural doesn't leave as much of a mess though when you smooth it while wet.  The white leaves a residue everywhere.  The natural stays pretty much just where you put it and that's it.  So there are pros and cons I suppose.  It's just what you're used to.  I may get used to working with the natural.  I've used it before.  I just always preferred the white. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Poco Complete And New 1/6 Scale Foal:

I shouldn't say complete yet without the people who are getting her giving the final say, but so far she's pretty much complete.  I need to find out what else she needs done to her. 

But here she is. 

I've also started a pair of 1/6 Scale Camila foals again.  I've got another stretched out one I'm doing.  I loved that first one's pose so much, I really wanna try that again.  And the next one is in a semi rearing frolicking pose.  The laying down stretched one I didn't bother to take progress shots of because I've already posted so many pictures of the first one I did like that.  So there's no point really.  But here is the second one.

I'm aiming for the little bay foal in the below picture as a reference and guide. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Poco Gets Color And Half Passing SM Is Complete:

 Ok, The little half passing or full passing whichever applies is complete finally.  
"Victoria Prudence" will be in Ebay tonight possibly.

And Poco is getting color.  She's still in the raw color phase but she's off to a good start......I hope.