Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Appaloosa Mare:

Ok,  new appaloosa mare gets new feet!  I gave her new sculpted feet because she looks more natural with a slightly larger foot.  I don't know. The Trakehner's hooves aren't exactly cat-like.  Not like that Secretariet mold is.  All neck.  No head and no feet! lol  (which reminds me, I have one of those here I need to do something with and I just don't wanna!)  But anyway,
Here is the appaloosa mare with her new feet.  next stop.  Mane and forelocks!

I'm thinking of some reference pictures to paint this lady by.

But I really think I'm going by the top picture.  That's the one I've been looking at before I started this custom.  I'll see if I feel the same way once she's ready for paint.  Sometimes it changes.

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