Friday, June 27, 2014

New Painting!:

And it's MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!  lol
Just try and pry it from my cold dead hands!

And it's gonna be HUGE!  30 inches x 40 inches. I'm not going to post the concept I photoshopped to this yet.  I'd rather post the images of the painting and then maybe post the concept at the end.  But I don't want to compare it to anything while it's in the painting process.  I haven't even finished the drawing for it yet.  I'm on my nineth hour and almost a whole pencil. lol

It's pretty much finished for what I need to do to it.  Now I get to paint it. I didn't finish Asgard up top because it's easier to just paint it in rather than try and get all those pipe pooking colums on the canvas in pencil.  Besides, I'm getting dizzy looking at them.  I can do the same thing I did on Officer Stalter's painting, and just do it inch by inch from the top to the bottom.  I still haven't done the border on the top and bottom yet.  I will do that next.  It's going to have a celtic border on the top and bottom in dark stone.  Just like the screenshots of the movie The Dark Crystal, when they would show the castle.  The had this celtic border on the top and bottom of the screen.  This is going to have that to. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Go big or go home:

I've decided i'm going all out on this guy.  I'm going to flash his paintjob up 100%.  I wasn't totally happy with his basicness and the minimal paint on him, so the way I figure on this guy, it's go big or go home.  Hey! that's what his name will be.. "LS Go Big Or Go Home"

Saturday, June 21, 2014

New Horses Finished:

Well these guys are now complete.  The Sabino Roan Tennessee Walker is now done!  He's going to be put on MH$P for offers by Monday night unless he's taken before then.

His name's going to be Pusher's RealEstate Tax

Then I LOVE this little guy.  He's got a base that he fits onto, but with a very level surface and maybe some sticky wax he could stand without the base, but I'd use the wax or just keep him on the base.  He's really pretty if I do say so myself. He's a little friesian Stablemate that's been reworked with a new neck and head position, and changed tail,  new mane, and new stallion parts. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Poodle Portrait Beginning to End:

Once the background is done I'll go back and add more outline to the dogs.  Overlap their fur onto the background and everything.  I need to add details to the woodwork on the chair to.  I need to swing that top portion of the wood on the chair out some more also. I also need to reshape the front Poodle's head a little better, but I'm not done with her hair yet anyway. I shouldn't say Poodle(s).  The one in the front is a Poodle but the one in the back is a Malti-Poo. lol  But I'm at a good stopping place anyway.

All Done.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Painting again:

Despite the pinched nerve in my back, I'm painting again.  I've got that sniper police officer's painting still working on, and I have this one that's in the beginning stages as well.  Cute little guys aint they?

Oh, this is the concept for when it's finished.  Not done yet obviously. But it's a start.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

California Chrome Loses Bid for Triple Crown:

I have to agree with the very pissed off and disappointed owners of California Chrome after todays loss at Belmont.  They allow any horse with enough qualifying points to enter the Triple Crown races, even if that horse has been sitting out resting on it's ass for months prior to the big race when the contenders who's won the Kentucy Derby, then the Preakness, and now has to run again in the longest race, the Belmont at 1 mile and a half..  It really isn't fair.  I agree with the owners, When it comes to the Triple Crown series, whoever gets into the Kentucky Derby at the beginning of the Triple is the only one's allowed in the entire three race series.  Other horses get to rest up and come to the Belmont refreshed and in a sence brand new, while the others who've been racing are sore, tired, and exhausted. It truley does look to me like "the coward's way out"  as the owner of Chrome bitterly put it.  I love how Tonalist's (the Belmont winner) owners were asked that question in the winner's circle during their shining moment.  Really took away from their "moment" too.  lol   You could tell by his response of 'no comment' how offended and ticked he was to have his shining moment stolen by a very public reality check on the fairness of the rules concerning his win.  I wonder if this publicity on the matter will stick, causing the racing committees to change the rules and only horses who've actully COMPETED be allowed to run in the triple crown's three races. Everyone else with qualifying points should be able to run in the Breeder's Cup, sure but leave the Triple crown to those who EARN the right to claim it. And that being, the horses who've been there from the Kentucky Derby on.  It does make you feel pissed that you can have a horse win or not even win but just run in the Kentucky Derby, run again in the Preakness, then some horse who didn't run in either of those races, come in after resting for months after his last race come in and win the Belmont taking all the credit and the record status of that race.  Those three races are close together, and that's part of the REASON they call it the Triple Crown.  It's not just stakes races.  It's a series.  The reward of winning is because the same horse has to win all three that close together to get the title. It actually makes sence you should select an original 20 horses at the begining of the Derby and only those 20 are eligible to run in the three races. With scratches and such that can happen, the field always dwindles down to 5-8 horses by the time the Belmont comes anyway, so it makes perfect sence.  Hope it's a rule change to come.  Very disappointing day in New York.    

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New portrait concept:

This is a new portrait concept I'm going to be doing.  I still have one more cop portrait to finish up and I'm still painting the models to.