Sunday, January 31, 2016

Afghans, Stablemates, and Poco:

I've got Poco primed and just added some final apoxie touches in the hollows of the cannon bones where the Breyer stock horse's legs have these weird gauges in them.  Just flaws in the molding I guess.  But I filled it in and smooothed things out.  I'm buffing her down and adding primer to smooth her and get her ready for paint. 

I'm also getting these two Afghan hounds underway.  

The standing one I think will be a really pretty black and tan, and I'm not sure on the laying down one yet.  

Anyway, as I go I'm working on multiple projects at once.  I mix up apoxie and add it to three or four things at once instead of just working on one thing at a time.  So I got these two Valegra stablemates in the mail and I couldn't wait to do something to them.  One is laying down. And the other is doing a half pass, or full pass, which ever.  The front legs are crossing over one another. They're still a work in progress. I'm planning to add a post the the hind leg of the standing one so that's why the pictures are so hard to read.  It wont stand on it's own without a post and I haven't put it in the foot yet. They're still both in the roughest of stages still.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Arab Mare Offers End Tonight:

Remember the Chestnut Rabicana Sabino Arab Mare's Offers listing ends tonight.  The Deadline to submit offers is tonight at 10PM  eastern time.
 She currently has an opening offer and will sell.
(spelled with a zero)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Poco Gets Club Feet:

Well I've plugged up the hole in the underside after i think I have enough apoxie inside to weight her down.  She does stand on her own. So I hopefully wont need a base for her.  The mare I'm doing this portrait model after has club feet, so I've added apoxie to the feet and after it's dry I will sand and shape it a little more. It's hard to get it right because the stock horse model I feel has almost got a clubby type of a foot anyway.  Especially that weird back one that's stepping out.  But we'll see once she's done.  She needs to have her neck shaved down under the throat some more and I'll do that too. She also needs to have some work done to her chin. It's not prominent enough. Here she is so far.  Nearing completion but not there yet.

Oh and BTW, the Afghan is currently in Ebay now. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Poco Update:

The appaloosa I'm doing for someone is named Poco, so I thought I should mention.  lol 
Here's Poco now.  She's got a new face, a neck, a tail, and a mane. 
Since giving this particular Breyer mold a new neck, it weighs it down to the front and makes her wanna fall over so to compensate for that I've cut a hole in the area right where the mare udders would be and I'm packing the hind legs with apoxie to weight the rear end down.  Unfortunately it makes the model a little heavier, but it may also help with avoiding warping if the inside of the Breyer is packed to reduce movement microscopically. If by the time I'm finished she still wants to fall forward, I may need to base her. I'm hoping I don't have to but if it's necessary, it just is what it is.  I remember I did a mule out of this same Breyer and I had to put a flat circle base on the foot. 

 I also finished the Afghan Hound.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Updates:

Well she's finished.  The Arabian mare.  I will come up with a name. I thought I already had but forgot it.  Oh well.  I have also set a deadline for offers on her.  Her ad is still up in MH$P and I will update that with her new pictures also.  The deadline for offers is January 30th, at 10 PM Eastern.  You may submit them through the ad in MH$P or here at the blog. 
(Spelled with a zero)

Ok, I have a commission I'm working on and I will include one of the real photos below also. But this is the model I'm trying to make work for this. It's a Breyer stock horse, and I've shaved down all those bulging muscles that just made it look like the hulk or something.  It's fine for a quarter horse, but not for the mare I'm using it for.  So she's been smoothed down and she's had her face lengthened, and her tail removed and her original neck removed.  I'm trying to see how her head will look and I'm honestly toying with the position of her neck a bit before committing to something permanent with the apoxie.  She's also had one of her ears twitched back to give more personality.  The middle picture is the pose I was thinking of going with, but I will have to check with the person having me do the model.  She's an appaloosa and the first pic below is the coloration I'm to paint the model in.  I can't wait to paint this one.  This looks like it's going to be fun.  I need to do some surgery on the feet because this mare was extremely club footed so I need to sculpt the feet to reflect that as well. 

Next is the Afghan Hound.  I've got a base coat on this guy now.

And finally I've been sanding down and smoothing and shaping the Grazing Mare's body and that hind leg. I think I'm close.  I've also been shaving down the neck some more too. This is her so far.