Sunday, April 28, 2013

Remember "OH Justin Time" and "Prom King" up for Offers:

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"OH Justin Time"
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American Saddlebred Chestnut Stallion
"Prom King"
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"Coins Gold Spice" up for Offers:

"Coins Gold Spice"
Taking Offers til May 4, 2013
Opening Offer: $300.00
Current Offer: $450.00 - D.F.
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You can also see all the photos of Gold Spice in the ad.

Sael is ready for paint, and the new TWH is getting close:

"Sael" is finally ready for paint. I was up last night adding some more on his hind cannon bone and softening his neck more. He's had his final priming layer on today and as soon as it dries fully, I'll be getting him ready for his personality.

Now the TWH has his first layer pf primer on.  He's got to be buffed down and then re-primed for the final time. Then he's off to be painted.  He's going to be a blue roan paint.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Sael" Update!....and the new Tennessee Walker.

"Sael" is almost complete!!

He's going to be so awesome when he's done.
I've got him in his first rough priming layer and in the final stages of the tweaking. What I normally do is I do the sculpting, then sand him down and steel wool buff him as much as I can,  then prime him so he's all one color. Then I can see what's off and what needs to be filled in. The flaws that better show up when you don't have all the different colors of the apoxie, and the original Breyer showing through playing tricks on your eyes.   Priming it all one color shows the little flaws that stick out better. Then when I've pin-pointed those, I resculpt some areas more and do the fine tuning so to speak.  Then I buff him down with the fine grade steel wool again, and use the buffer attachement on my dremel.  Then after he's smooth enough, I will reprime him one last time for a finishing clean up layer, then he's ready for paint. Finally I get to paint him.  After all this work and all this time on him, "Sael"  is nearly ready for paint..  This has got to be the most unrecognizable Breyer Totilas ever!  LOL  So far as I've seen anyway.

Now, the new Tennessee Walker is finally done in the sculpting phase.  Now after he dries, it'll be on to sanding down the bumps and lumps, then buffing, priming, rechecking the flaws, priming a final time and he's off to be painted. It's funny.  They look so wonky sometimes without the primer.  You can't see certain things , Like the bottom of his tail.  I used "Sael's" Totilas tail on this one. Half the tail is sculpted and half is another Breyer but you can't see it very well. He'll look alot better once he's sanded and evened out and primed.

Edited to say, I completely forgot to add this update. 
"Cupid" the Cigar Breyer Caribou is finally getting some antlers, ....I hope. LOL  He's been in the customizing stages since Christmas of 2012.  His other antler isn't quite finished yet. He's got this one held in temporarily with a piece of paper towel. I'm debating on how I should have him done. With detachable antlers? I don't know if he would survive shipping like this.  I think I need to figure out a way to sculpt the antlers to look complete, then have them slip down into perfectly fitted holes in the head, and have his new owner attatch them with some glue or apoxie of their own. As long as they are glueable, then they can be shipped seperate from the Caribou. I just don't think any amount of packing would guarentee his horns don't get broken, but we'll have to see.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flashback from my childhood:

This is a total flashback from my childhood.  I found this picture on Ebay i think.  It was of the same wonderhorse I had as a kid.  Ours is upstairs in our attic but the frame we threw away. The horse I attempted to customize many years ago.  I guess I was customizing horses even way back then but didn't realize it.  I wanted to make it a carousel horse but never finished it.  Now I wish I hadn't done it.  maybe I can RESTORE him to look original if the paint can't be removed.  But anyway.  THIS is the exact horse I had and played with. Seeing it all original like this almost made me cry.  I get sentimental over things. I always did but after losing my mother it's even more intense for me now.
This reminds me also of something.  I bought a replica of a Muller's Military Carousel horse on Ebay once.  They were running them on sale with free shipping so I got a good deal. Anyway, I painted it black (am still in the process of painting it) with a grey and white streaked mane and tail similar to this horse's mane and tail.  I wonder if it was my sub-conscience that told me to do it that color out of memory of the Wonderhorse we had as children?  I will have to get him finished up and photograph.  He's covered in dust in the basement right now.  I need to finsh him.

But that reminded me of another Wonderhorse type thing we had as children.  My love or obsession rather to horses was at a very early age and growing up in a city I wasn't around them, so my only sources for the start of that obsession was that Wonderhorse I had in the bedroom and the Wonderhorse outside on the swing set.  We had one of those 6 pole metal swing sets that everybody was buying in the late 70's for their kids.  Ours had black rope-like printed candy-stripe makings going up the poles. Looked like black rope swirling around the poles from top to bottom.  The first thing on the swing set was a metal slide on the end.  The ladder going up to it was on the side of it. Not behind it like most. The slide was on the outside of the swing set's main frame.  The next thing within the set itself was a big reddish brown Wonderhorse, followed by two bench style plastic swings, a teeter-totter style see-saw swing, then a swinging bench type thing with two seats and a floor kind of like a small booth-swing..
The horse, I named it Ginger. It was the larger type Wonderhorse.  You'd sit on it and there were handles on the sides of the head.  He had a black and brown saddle I believe. He had a black mane and tail and a white blaze and socks. I spent more hours on that horse than anything anywhere in our yard or anywhere else during the summers.  I used to stare out the window at him covered in snow in the winter, and on occasion ran out and put a blanket on it so it wouldn't get cold.  I was 4 yrs old. lol 
I loved that horse more than anything.  I started drawing horses at age four out of my obsession.  I got Barbie horses and My Little Ponies for Xmas. I was a horse crazed nut. And it started with those Wonderhorses.  
Even after the swingset was torn down and taken to the dump, I kept the horse. I used to keep it in the backyard and play with him.  Until one summer day my dad was loading up the pick-up with a load to go to the dump and he threw my beloved sun-bleached brittle plastic horse in the truck.  He took me along for the ride. When he backed the truck up to this deep gaping ravene at the dump to unload, I tried to grab my horse back from the truck to save it but he snatched it up and threw it far off into the 50 foot hole of garbage and junk.  My father took great pleasure in the tiniest of things that would make me cry.

Anyway, a couple years ago I was in google looking around for one of those wonderhorses from the same swingset I had and found these two photos.

These were in a defiant site or blog of someone's and not really for sale.  It was an outdated site I think.  But to the best that I can tell,.....this is the horse from the swingset I had.  It's not MY horse but it's one just like it.  I'm pretty sure this was Ginger.
It's all warped and sunbleached totally but it's the same one. That was my horse.  I cried for a half hour after finding those pictures. It's the closest I've been in forever trying to find one.  I can't even find a good photograph of the swing set I had or the horses that they sold with those sets.  For some reason I always remembered my mom saying something to me about the horses being banned from the swing sets or re-called and that you couldn't get those sets with those horses on them anymore back when we had ours because some children had gotten hurt falling off of them and they weren't considered safe and  had to take the WonderHorse off those sets.  So our set may have been a very rare thing even having a horse.

I wish so much I could find another one intact. I'm always trying to find things associated with my childhood to get back. 

Imagine....someone's child hood sucking so badly that their fondest memories of it are a sun-bleached, plastic horse.

"OH JustinTime" up for Offers:

"OH JustinTime"
Taking Offers til May 1, 2013
Opening Offer: $200.00

Click Here for MH$P Ad   Email to submit an offer or use the vendor ad for contact. If he doesn't recieve any offers, I'll put him in Ebay after the deadline.

Completed Portrait Model of "OH JustinTime" Silver Grulla APHA Stallion, and more progress shots:

He turned out great I think. The pictures of the real Justin are below the model pictures.

The cow got 

The Twin TWH is getting even more flash and color.

And the little Standardbred Pacer got a base and is ready for final priming and color.