Monday, October 27, 2014

Carving a Loki "Thor 2 The Dark World" Pumpkin from start to finish:

I've been having so much fun doing pumpkins this Halloween.  Here's a second Loki Tom Hiddleston Pumpkin I'm working on. This isn't a real pumpkin I should say.  It's one of those foam pumpkins you find at Michael's Craft stores and other places only around Halloween.  They're so expensive to buy without a coupon or something I can't get them til they start putting them on clearance. Even then they wont drop them more than 40% off til they're gone. $29.99 for a foam pumpkin.  Highway robbery. Anyway, here's the Loki pumpkin start to finish.

And pretty much Done.  I may want to add some text on the back for a shadow effect on the wall but I don't know yet. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Grandpa Progress Pictures:

Here he is so far.  Just like the other paintings I do I'll re-edit this entry to show the newer pictures so this whole topic can be on the same thread.  Here's the first set of pictures.


And Done.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

New portrait for a friend:

I'm just calling this one Granpa cuz well....need I explain?  lol  It's in the first drawing phase and done.  I'll start painting it tonight.  His eyes really are like that so I didn't want anyone to worry.  I have to paint them that way because that's how he looked.  If i didn't it wouldn't be correct.  I talked to the person who's getting it about it and they're ok with it.  It's not something you think about til you come across it.  If someone has you do a portrait of a loved one or them or whatever, and the subject has a type of deformity or handicap, when you paint it you feel like you're making it more noticable, but if you don't paint it would you be offending them even more than if you did.  And sometimes when people don't notice a thing like that as much when they see the person in the real world every day it doesn't seem as obvious, until they see it recreated in a piece of art, then do they become self aware of it to a fault?  It's a hard thing to do. If you paint someone's child who has eyes that are slightly crossed or the child has a slight lazy eye. Slight enough to appear more normal than not but yet noticable to everyone who sees the child, do you paint it in a portrait of the child?  Or correct it for the painting?  It's definitely something you have to politely ask the person you're doing the painting for.  Something to think about.  But anyway, this gentleman was blind in one eye or had a glass eye or something and his right eye is focused a bit off to some other direction and I've got to do that in this painting to be accurate, so don't panic when you see it's progress pictures in the blog.  I haven't lost it.  I'm doing a guy's bad eye.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Flashy Tobiano TWH getting some color:

Not done yet.  Just the first stages of the white.  It's got so many layers of white left though.  I may keep him like this but I'll see how he looks when he's done and if people like him.  I may reprime and start all over with him.  Don't know yet.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Kirin and the Setter are up for grabs:

The Kirin is up on MH$P with an opening offer of $190.  CLICK HERE
 The Setter is already in MH$P and Ebay.

Also the Pumpkins are completed.  Here's the Walking Dead zombie jack o lantern.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blue the Paint horse is finished and so are a bunch of other creations!:

Here's Blue the paint horse.

Here's the English Setter all done. He's a deep rich tri-color English Setter.

And here's the adorable if I do say so myself Kirin Filly.  She's got a grassy base to stand on and everything.