Friday, August 30, 2013

Marwari's have Diamonds... Who knew?:

Wanna hear something weird?  Marwari's have diamonds.  lol  It's the strangest thing. I noticed something odd while doing reference photo searching on Marwaris in google.  I noticed a pattern showing up in the Marwari color conformation.  Diamond facial markings. I was seeing this pattern appaering more and more in the face markings of Marwaris, and it kept getting more noticable to me.  The Marwari horses that have face markings are more prone to diamond shaped markings on their face than other horses do, or rather more prone to it than anything else. There are Marwaris that have snips and streaks, of course, they do.  BUT I've been noticing that there is a specific facial marking characteristic to the Marwari and it's showing up a lot.  You know how Thoroughbreds and other breeds can have anything on their faces like narrow streaks to medium blazes, to stars alone, or snips and streaks.  Just random markings. On Marwaris when I looked them up, I kept seeing all these faces and so many of them had one thing in common. The facial markings start out at the top with a diamond shape.  The blaze starts out as a wider diamond up top then it either runs down to a streak, stays as a straight blaze, or just remains the big diamond shaped star but in all of these cases, the pattern on their faces looks similar, like it's a particular facial markings characteristic TO that specific breed.
This is what I'm talking about.  Look at the posted photos and look at the basic shape of all the blazes or stars. 

They all seem to be a similar "version" in some shape, or form of this particular shaped marking.  (I probably could have just lead with that last sentence instead of rambling so much...)
 Step back from the computer screen a bit and just focus on the facial markings and look at the similarities of the basic shape pattern.  

No matter what it does at the bottom, whether it tapers to a point to be a streak or if it goes wide at the mouth or stays like a star, it always seems to start off like a wide diamond then it goes in towards the center of the face. Just look at the face markings on these.  It almost looks like there is a typical classic Marwari 'style' blaze.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sael and Quiet Cat getting new paintjobs:

Well, it sucks, but when they don't go to new homes, they have to get new paintjobs.  'Sael" and "Quiet cat" are both going to get new updated paintjobs.  I'm pretty sure Cat's going to go dapple grey now and Sael's probably going the same route.  I hate it when they don't sell, but I'm not listing them and listing them and listing them and they don't meet reserves. Sooooo.....back to the painting table.
I loved Sael as a black bay though.. sigh,  oh well,...  Kiss em goodbye ladies and gentlemen!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who ever told Miley Cyrus this was sexy needs their ass kicked:

For LYING to such a naive and stupid girl....
 Will Smith's entire family's reaction to this should tell her something about what trash she's become.... 

I HOPE the message sinks in....

New TWH's, Marwari Dancer, and the new 2013 Nightmare:

Updates, Updates, and more Updates.  Working on a new set of TWH's.  A mare and a stallion. The Stallion's in front.

The new Marwari is finished and has his first coat of primer, but he's being sanded and prepped still and the primer is a little tacky (which is probably my fault for spraying it on a little too heavy)  At any rate, I'll buff him down and re-prime and he'll be ready for paint.

I found this image of a Marwari I'd like to do him in maybe.  I still am on the fence on doing him as a bay pinto coloration but this color does match the olive green costume he's in but I'll have to see when he's ready for paint. I still wish I could do him in black with socks and a blaze but maybe the next one.

And finally... A sneak peek at the new Nightmare Series for this Halloween.  "The Walking Dead"  I'm still deep in the sculpting phase and haven't even begun the carving phase yet.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Have you ever wanted to just hug a cat?:

Something happened today, and it's hard to stop thinking about it.  It was the cutest, saddest thing that happened today.  I was just coming back from the gas station to get some Cherry Coke to take downstairs with me to work on some horses, and I stopped at a neighbor's house. He was standing outside next to his truck drinking coffee.  I stayed and we talked for a while, and we noticed the neighbor was walking around up the street holding a 1 yr old baby.  My friend commented that the kid would never learn how to walk because the man carries him everywhere.  He never puts him down.  Well, after a while I was getting ready to leave and all of a sudden the woman who lives there and mother of the child I'm guessing pulls up in her car, gets out of the car and starts crying and screaming to the top of her lungs, "Kill me now!  Just shoot me now!!  I hate my life!!!!!  KILL ME!"   She was throwing her shoes and flailing her arms and just having a total mental meltdown. The guy with the baby was just standing there unsure of what to do.  I asked my neighbor who was watching with me, if I should call 911, to which he said nahhh, she's done this before.  I asked what was wrong with her and he said she's gotten really paranoid lately, and thinks people are watching her, that sort of thing.  She gets a check every month for it.  Anyway, I just thought, "never a dull moment", then my attention was turned to their cat.  The woman is screaming and literally throwing a tantrum in the middle of the street and the man was now just crouched down at the car (I'm guess at his wit's end also) and there's this blue and white bi-colored cat.  The cat's stalking her and walking right up under her feet and looking as though he's almost ready to attack this woman.  Just scurrying under her feet almost chasing her and walking really close to her all upset.  It was as if this cat was just chasing her down and saying, "Are you alright?!!  Are you ok?!!!!  Please calm down.. It's going to be ok..."  The cat looked so upset.  Like a mother cat after someone has caught one of her kittens and it's screaming to the top of it's lungs. That's exactly how the cat was chasing her. The woman just goes wandering up the street yelling for someone to shoot her all the way to the corner and collapses in a neighbor's yard at the top of the street. Meanwhile as she walks off, the cat starts to follow her then turns back as the man walks back towards the house. Then the cat looking to just be in a total state of despare turns and walks back to the house with his ears pinned back like he's still mentally with the woman and looking so destraught. He looked like he was about to say, "Oh God, there she goes, now what do we do?...somebody call an ambulance."   It was so adorable in a sad sort of way seeing this cat so physically upset over the woman's emotional state. Seeing that cat crouching in the middle of the road looking like he was about to pounce on her and trailing just a foot from her just broke your heart. So we went into my neighbor's house and told his wife what had happened.  We both had somewhere to be so we headed out to our cars.  The police had since arrived, and the woman was just laying there screaming and squawking like a baby bird. The man was near her and put a blanket on her but she was just gone. Went completely nuts. Screaming to the top of her lungs. I drove up the street to head home and saw she was now IN the middle of the road and I had to turn and go down another street, but as I looked at her laying there with about four police officers just standing there waiting on the ambulance, (there wasn't much anyone could do) I looked and on the sidewalk about 6 feet from her was the blue and white cat.  He'd gone back up the street when we went in the house and was laying down on the sidewalk watching and waiting for the ambulance.  I kept thinking I'll bet that woman must have no clue just how much that cat loves her...  It was so strange watching a cat react exactly like a human being.  I thought, this woman wants someone to kill her, that her life is over and the smallest most insignificant being in the neighborhood that day was so worried about her, and no one noticed. Believe me, I know cats, and most of the time they could care less what happens to your ass. lol  But this was different.
   I know the woman will be alright.  She's in the hospital probably on a 51/50 hold, and the man knows she's going to be ok I'm sure, but somewhere on Roberts Avenue there's a blue and white cat that's beside himself with grief and worry.  And all I keep thinking about besides hoping the lady gets better is I hope the little cat's ok.  Never have I wanted to walk up and hug a strange cat more than today.  He's all upset and nobodie's going to even think to let him know it's going to be ok. I'm going to be worried sick over him til she gets back home.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Dancing Marwari in the works:

I swear...I do get bored waiting on Apoxie sculpt to arrive.  lol  I went ahead and made the outfit for the new Marwari I'm working on.  I ran out of apoxie before I finished him and so I decided to get a jump start on the costume for him while I waited.  Apoxie should be in today.  Working on two more TWH's and also the new Nightmare Series Walker as well. But he's top secret.  This Marwari I've had my mind set on painting him in a bay pinto color but I don't know yet.  Black is too basic and i've done a white one.  I could do this one darker dappled grey but I don't think the outfit color would go.  I really want to do a flashy pinto with lous markings I think.  But when i start priming I can picture anything.  lol
He needs a neck and a mane and everything yet but here he is so far.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Completed the Gypsy Vanner:

It was originally a Schleich Andalusian stallion figure.  I normally don't do the Schleichs but once in a while if I have aquired one in a body lot or someting I'll mess with it.  I was bored and decided after staring at the two I had laying around to do "something" with it.  So....Gypsy Vanner Stallion.  Here he is.

Friday, August 16, 2013

New Stone Chips Shire:

This little guy is available if anyone's interested.
Check out his ad link below the pictures.