Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I think I'm going to just hire someone else to do my pictures:

Well, Officer Stalter got his painting and liked it. All is right with the world. He even sent me a photo of it with a better camera than mine. I rushed to get it finished so I could drop it off at the department last night that I didn't get any pictures of it in the frame I painted to look like weathered copper or anything and only one of my pictures even turned out halway decent. (the one I had in here below)  But his looks great so he let me use it and well,  here it is.  Now, I'm off to pass out.  Have a disgusting chest cold.

Monday, February 24, 2014

And we're Done:

It's been so much fun playing email tag with Officer Stalter today. He's been watchig the progress of his portrait in this blog.  I just got back from the police station dropping it off and he's headed there to pick it up now.  So Mission Accomplished!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Painting Officer Stalter's portrait:

Getting off to a slow but sure start.  There is so much detail in this portrait I'm not going to be able to just do an entire objects base coat and add details to it as a whole. I'm starting at the top and just working my way down details and all.  After it's complete I'll go back and add shadow washes where it's needed. But this is going to take longer to do I think.
I'll just edit this entry to add pictures to it as I go.

Taking a break, COPS is coming on soon! Coming back to it after 8 PM.

Really tired.  May put it up for the night. When it gets to the point my eyes are getting crossed from staring at the canvas, it's time to

Back at it.

Taking a break to watch The Walking Dead.  (It's a family tradition-lol)  Then since I'm not tired. I'm going to probably just stay up all night and paint.  I wanna get this portrait done in time to give to the Officer before he goes back home on Tuesday.

I guess I'm done for the night.  I got the German Shepherd base colored.  It's a really sloppy hot mess right now, but It's going to be better once I get the details in.  The hairing and everything. They always sort of look like crazy watercolors when I first start on them. The one's I can base coat then go darker and darker laying in the details. The vest and boots and everything else today I had to do detail by detail little by little because it was such a lot of small tight objects and details packed in a small area. Hopefully I can get everything done and then be able to go over every inch of the canvas and check for mistakes and go over and detail and clean up everything.  But I'm making good progress at least as far as my time is going.

Now,  to get a German Shepherd to actually LOOK like a German Shepherd.

Taking a break for lunch...

Adding shadows and depth.


Finally finished the drawing for one of the Officer's paintings. Going to get a few hours sleep then start painting it.  I'll post pictures of the painting through the completion in here like I did with the other one.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Painting a portrait from start to finish:

Well I'm at a stopping place right now on the portrait I've been doing.  I've been painting a few hours now. Here's some images from the beginning to where I left it at.  People are always asking me how do I do it, when they see my artwork.  Here it is..

Please excuse the fact they're at really weird angles.  Those kids aren't as abnormal looking as it may appear in some of the images.  I had the canvas propped on my lap and just leaned back to take a couple of the pictures.
Oh, and this is the picture design I'm doing for the police officer next as soon as the canvas board arrives. You can tell by the way he wanted his portrait to look he really loves being a cop. I hope he likes it when it's done.