Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Updates. Kirin, "Blue" the Paint Horse, and Western Pleasure:

The Paint Horse is pretty much done in the sculpting phase.  Pretty much.  I may want to do something else to the tail.  I'm getting him on a base. I had to prop him up with another horse while the base dried.  I think I may want to try and fix it so he doesn't have to be on the base but have it so he slips onto it but can stand without it on an extremely level surface.  It's still so fragile standing on the peg I really think he needs the stability of a base, but i want to see if I can do it foot cuff style and slip him on and off of it.  I was sanding him down tonight and will be ready to prime him and paint him this weekend.  Hopefully if all goes well.  I wont paint him til I'm satisfied with the sculpting yet. 

The Kirin is getting cuter by the second.  He's or should I say, SHE's got little furry back footies now.  She's got fluffies all over her shoulders now too.  I just think she looks like a little filly creature.  Anything with it's nose up in the air like that has got to be a little female. lol

I've primed the banshee SM but it was too tacky to move to get shots of.  I've got the Western pleasure horse's neck in on one side now.  I'm liking this one.  I'm giving him a longer straight cut tail to. I've resculpted the muzzle but i just don't think I like it yet.  I may get real creative and literally cut the nose off another head I've got and use that for some added uniqueness. He's got a Oldenburg head on him now but I think I may put a Flicka muzzle on it if it fits.  I don't know yet. The topline is going to be sanded off.  So the line down the top of the neck will be shaved down. You can see on the below image where the true topline will be.   I'm not sure what color to do him as.  I really am in love with Claybank Duns and want to do one but I may not use this model to do it on.  I may do it in a regular dun or an appaloosa.  I just don't know. I'll have to see what it loos like when it's done.   

Monday, September 22, 2014

"Blue" the paint horse, The Kirin, and the new Nightmare Stablemate!:

Here's the paint horse commission.  It's coming along.  I've got a peg on his leg for stability but I think I'm going to have to nix that and use the platform base for him.  I just don't like it if he's unstable on three legs.  BUT you do what you have to do. lol  He's got a tail which I'm gonna trim down more and he's got the beginning of a mane. 

I'm also working on this little Friesian Stablemate rearing.  He's got a lot more to go but I use the extra clay I mix up from the other projects to add to him.  The same with the Kirin.

I've added more to the Kirin also.  He's so cute.  I LOVE this one!

And here's a western pleasure horse I'm doing.  I wasn't going to do him in a western pleasure walking pose but I changed the neck at the last minute.  I may need to lengthen it some more though.  I don't know.  I am going to resculpt that mouth , so that may help in the look overall to.  The more I look at the neck the more I think it should be longer though.  But I did go by some reference photos and they were that same length.  I don't know though.  My eyes are just playing tricks on me.  

And Ta da! the new Nightmare for this Halloween.  It's a second Nightmare Stablemate sized version of a traditional past creation.  The Minie "Banshee" Nightmare model. The only one like it.  He's nearly completed with sculpting carving phase.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Paint Horse Updates and The Kirin!:

I'm adding more to the paint horse.

And I'm also working on a San Domingo with a head swap which will be a awesome little cow pony or maybe a Quarter pony or something.  I'll have to see what that body is as far as breeds.  I couldn't take any pictures because of how it's propped up letting the apoxie dry.  The head is being attached right now and if I move it it'll fall and It's currently setting on my messy work bench and I didn't wanna have that be the backdrop for the picture. lol  I'll take some shots of it tomorrow. BUT I'm doing a KIRIN!  I've never done one before.  I had this little foal that I wanted to do as a saddlebred but decided instead to do it as a Kirin.  I think it's gonna be adorable.  Oh, and the Dogo set was just primed so they were too wet to move and take pictures of them.  Tomorrow on those too.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

More progress:

More work on the commission paint horse. Needs more on the neck and the legs shaved down here and there, building up and tearing back down. On it goes.

The Dogo is looking better.  He needs his neck tapered a bit and refined still.

New Commission Model and some DOGS:

Remember the Offers Deadline on the Arabian Sabino Mare is the 13th at 10 PM.  Her current offer is at $650.00
Submit Offers to 

Here is a new commission model.  It's a paint horse gelding out of the Oldenburg showjumper model with a head swap.
He's in the earliest stages.

And here is something new.  A pair of Dogo Argentino dogs.  Puppy and dad.

There's still alot of sculpt work to do to the face on the dad yet.  The puppy is just going to be painted I think because he already looks like one as a puppy.
The next model I'm excited about.  I think I'm doing it as a tri-colored English Setter.  I was torn between a Gordon and an English but I may go with the English in either tri- color or Lemon and white.  I don't know.  But I LOVE the head lowered. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Deadline for Offers on Sabino Arabian mare is set for September 13th:

"Rabella" is complete and ready to go.  The deadline for Offers is now officially set for September 13, 10 PM eastern.  So get your offers in before then
Email them directly to me as the MH$Ps site rarely gets emails through.
(spelled with a zero)
Here is the MH$PS ad link with all her final photos.
Her current offer is still at $650.00. Offers will be added in the order they are recieved.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Widowmaker's Big Java " for sale in MH$P:

I don't know if anyone remembers "Widowmaker's Big Java" from my site but he's a big seal bay ASB i did a while back, and at one point he was owned by the same person who owned another ASB I made named "Madison's All The Diamonds".  Two successfull show models.  Java even took home Reserve Champion Gaited Horse.  Anyway, someone who either once owned him or wanted to own him contacted me a while ago, and I don't remember who it was.  Anyway, Java is now listed for sale in MH$P. I just saw him listed last night. Here's Java's ad
I don't know if he's still LSQ now though.  He was at one time but that was a couple years ago.  They also 
have Antonia for sale also.  That was a ruffian CM I did with a Wintersong tail and Esprit Mane.  Turned out really pretty. 
Here's a picture of Java and Madison.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Belgian Stablemate Completed and more on the Arab Mare and Stablemate Trio:

The last of three stablemates underway.  He's not finished yet but he's 3/4 of the way there.

Also completed is the little Begian work horse cross stablemate I did out of the (God, I can't remember what I used)  the new Breyer Begian model stablemate I think..  LOL  I'll have to look up which little model I used.  I'm pretty sure it was the new Belgian Stablemate. She'll be listed in Ebay this week. Probably tonight.

 And finally the last of the updates for today... The Arabian Mare 's progress.  I still have some work to do to her yet.  She's still available for Offers also.  Her current offer is at $250.00 and I will continue to take offers for a week after she's completed.  I will let everyone know in here in plenty of time before I set a end date. 
Email with Offers.