Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Appaloosa Mare Gets a Mane:

Ok,  she's got a mane now.  Well, Most of a mane.  I was working on another model so much that the apoxie I mixed up started getting stiff on me and it's harder to work with when it gets like that, so I have to just either use it up real quick for body filler or flatten it out and use it for a base for something. Which i did.  I have a Peter Stone American Saddlebred that I'm doing into a young filly Saddlebred and she's losing her long tail for a shorter one, so she's going to need a base.  I'll have to get some shots of her soon also.  Not too much sculpting going on with her as of right yet.  

Here's the Appaloosa mare nearing completion.  I've already done a rough sand on her also. 

Also, I'm thinking I'm going to put Silver Cloud up on MH$P for $450.00  Buy It Now with $100.00 monthly  time payments to approved buyers.   

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