Saturday, June 24, 2017

Appaloosa Mare:

In the words of Wendy Williams, "Can we talk?" lol

Ok, remember this model I was in the process of painting? 

Well, it was supposed to be from this photo.

Well, it didn't turn out.  I did her in pastels so when you use pastels you go from light to dark. It's the layering process. Well, I went too dark to begin with and I just couldn't balance out the colors to fit.  I wanted the lighter chestnut horse with the snowflake spots that blended in and didn't stand out so stark white in contrast to the body color. What I had just wasn't going to be this horse, and I tried to get it lighter with washes and it was just not working. So I just accepted that it was going to be a darker version of this and worked on focusing my attention to the blacket pattern.  The paint wasn't cooperating, I had thick areas of paint and I just was getting more and more frustrated with this model.  Until I just got to a point I couldn't stand it anymore. So, I know it may be disappointing to my blogger followers, but I ........buffed the paint off as best I could , smoothed the surface, and reprimed her in white again.  I know I know....  But I just had to.  It's my OCD kicking in I think.  I just would rather start over on another model and try again with this reference photo.  I think maybe a standing model.  A Lady Phase or a Stud Spider maybe. 
So you may be wondering what did I do instead with this model then?  Well, I found two new reference pictures and went absolutely nuts.  I LOVE this horse now. I didn't take progress photos this time because I wasn't as sure of what I was going to wind up keeping so I didn't want people to watch and like the new model only to scrap it again like I did the other paintjob.  But here are the two photos I went by this time.

And here is the progress of the model now.  I'm close to completing her. 

I don't know about everyone else, but I think it's an improvement.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Portrait of Our Hairless Cat "Yoda":

Here is the photo I'm going by and below of the painting.  I didn't do many progress shots this time. This is just where I stopped.

It's almost done now.

 All done!  It's already framed and hanging in our living room.