Thursday, August 13, 2015

Appaloosa Ready for Priming and New Stuff:

So the appaloosa mare is ready for sanding and priming.  She's got a mane and tail and forelocks and she just looks neat.

(I think anyway)

Ok here's the Peter Stone Saddlebred I was doing.  BUT I've decided not to do it as a filly saddlebred any more.  This is going to be more of a resculpt now.  I'm going to do a Hackney Stallion.  And right after I sanded his junk off too.  (screams) So, I've got to put that back now. And I've got to shorten the tail some more.  I'm repositioning the legs and giving him a new neck and well, it's gonna be fun. I don't have enough apoxie now, so I will have to get some more before I can do everything I need to do to complete him. 

I am also doing a foal.  I didn't change a lot to this little guy because I like him.  I wanted to flip the tail up though so I did that. He's going to be shedding his coat and kind of changing colors.  Like a foal that's molting their baby fur out and exposing the adult color underneath.  I wanna do that.  Like an Arabian foal that's been shaved down to expose the true color but molting instead. I don't know whether to go bay or chestnut.  

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