Saturday, August 15, 2015

Foal, Appaloosa Mare, New Hackney, All New Stuff:

Well, I changed the Peter Stone ASB into a Hackney.  So far.  This is one of the references I'm going by for the pose except I want his head up higher, but i'll see how it looks once I fill in more sculpting. I may tuck his head some but I don't know.  He's going to have his mane braided, but his tail will be cut in a bob though. I've got to replace all the shoulder muscles and do a lot of body work yet. 

The next one is the foal Primes sanded and ready for paint now. 

Now the Equine Goat animal.  Even though I had him primed. It helped to see little flaws and things that need some filler and some sculpting details added.  So I've added some little bits of sculpting here and there.  Now, he's ready for his final prime coat and it's on to paint. 

The appaloosa mare has finally got her primer on and a little bit of touch up work in some spots with some apoxie.  She'll get a final sanding, buffed out, then a final prime coat and she's ready for paint. 

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