Friday, February 20, 2015

Shire has a tail braid now and more:

She's nearing completion but still some more work to do.  She's got a tail braid and I'm not sure if her female parts which you can see a slight indication of are too low.  I compared her to several reference pictures and they seem to be in the right location.  I drilled a hole through the sides of the tail braid because that's where a ribbon will be run through.  She's also going to have two tiny whatever you call those things.  Flags? Coming out of the sides of her tail to match the ones in the mane. I did some work to her ears and gave her forelocks also. She's a far cry  (at least I think)  from the original clyde mare she once was.  The tail braid is from a picture I saw where they had the folded short bob braid with a small knot like bun in it and ribbons tied around it.  From looking at the various show photos of Shires, I think you can pretty much do whatever you want to the tail so as you just dress it up. Because I've seen the fan style ribbons the tied ribbons with bows and long streamers hanging down, a tight bun knot, a long braid, short braids, and just all sorts of variations of styles to basically braid fold tuck and tie ribbons around the drafter's tail.  So I guess anything goes.  The mane's, same thing. I tried to see if there was any particular number of flags on the mane and they varied.  The ribbons are braided into the mane at the top with the mane allowed to be free flowing. The flags are attached and that's about it. You can have a ribbon alone that ends abruptly, or tassels at the back hanging down, ribbon streamers, or even flowers.  It's basically as long as you have the mane on the right side, the braid at the top, and the flags in matching ribbons.  That's about it. 

The stud spider is looking better.  He's got all his mane and most if not all of his tail pretty much.  He needs some sanding on his male parts and prepping, then he's getting primed. 
I'm excited about this one.  He's gonna be an awesome appy.

Then finally I've got the little Andalusian looking sharp I think.  He's got a long tail (which isn't done yet) and a cont. weave braid with roses and leaves all along the top of his mane and two roses with leaves on the base of his still incomplete tail. I'm trying to decide what color to commit to with this guy. I'm torn.  Palomino, Cremello, or Dapple Grey. I think I may have some ribbons also in the mane tied around the roses with little streamers hanging down and maybe have two of them draping over the left side of his neck just to put something on that side of him so he wont look so bare there.

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