Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shire + Andy Stablemate + Stud Spider CM = F.U.N:

Let it snow!  And it did.  So I've been busy now.  Relaxing with my artwork.  Here's the Shire mare now with a new neck.  I cut a gap out of her neck right behind her head and shortened it a little.  Then I tucked it a little bit.  I also gave her a higher rump, and did some work to her bottom lip.  She's also had some shoulder work done a little bit.  She's now got mare gender as well as an indication of a tail.  I don't know whether to do a braided knot tail or do a loose free flowing tail. I know whatever it will be will be short. 

Oh and here are some pictures I dug up to compare. I think she's looking pretty good so far.

Next, I've got the Stud Spider in the mail and have removed the neck and gave him a lowered head, sanded him down partially, and slimmed down the tail.  He's gonna be an appaloosa I think. 

Here's a cool one.  I recently got a brand new Andalusian stablemate. The new 20015 one. I've straightened the front leg to be outstretched in the Spanish Walk gait. I've lowered and tucked the neck. I will add more to it tonight maybe. I've also partially sanded the tail and moved it. I also straightened the front left leg also.   I don't know whether to do a braided tail or leave it long. I also am on the fence about what to do with the mane.  I don't know if I wanna single braid it, or rosette braid it, or do the weave braid, or leave it long. I wanna do something different. I think I want to sculpt roses into it. 

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