Friday, March 6, 2015

Finally an Update March 2015:

Well, I've got a commission TWH I have to do and I will have some progress shots of her as I go.  I'm just finishing up a couple of wooden boards for some people with bears on them.  They're like 47 inches by 24 inches each and there's two of them right now and I'm on a deadline, so I had to get those out of the way first.  I'm nearly done with the second one now. Then I get to do the TWH in dappled grey.  Yes!  I know what you're thinking.  Another dappled Grey step by step tutorial!  LOL  Yeah.  I'll put progress shots up as I go.   BUT then I get to paint the shire mare and the andalusian stablemate.  Here are some new pictures of the both of them primed and ready to go.  But you know me.  I may do something else to the shire.  
I still don't know how I want to commit to painting her.  I'm thinking still a dappled grey. 

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