Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shire Mare in Development:

Ok,  more updates.  The Shire mare/filly  is looking better now i think.  I opted to just remove the tail completely and do it laying relaxed normally.  I still don't know whether I wanna do a bob tail or a longer loose tail.  We'll have to see what looks best on her.  In the first set of pictures, I've got her legs lengthened and that really helped alot.  She looks a little over at the knee on her right side but I'l take care of that when I fill in the front legs and start shaping them up. Right now this is just the cutting and stretching phase.

Now in the next set, I've begun doing some basic fill work.

Now in this last set, I've done some more fill work as well as some sculpting.  The hind legs are too full right now and I will be sanding them down slimmer once they dry completely. 
I'd rather have too much apoxie on it than not enough because it's a pain smoothing it once you have to place chunks in shallow areas. I'd rather have it too full then shape and sand it down til it looks right.  
Her neck looks too short almost in these last shots but I think it's an optical illusion from the small amount of apoxie filling it in.  We'll see once it's dryer.
I've got a lot of tweaking ahead of me. 

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