Monday, February 9, 2015

Random Fun Post:

Mostly I blog on my updated models and artwork.  I'm working still on a TWH standing and I'm extra excited about a Stud Spider I've got coming that I'm gonna go awesome appy with.  Don't wanna miss that! 

The Grammys just aired and of course it wouldn't BE the Grammys unless Kanye West makes a public ass out of himself ....AGAIN.  He rushes up onstage again this time when Beck is accepting his award.  He quickly plays it off as if to say "Nahh, just joking"  then leaves the stage quickly.  However, he blasts Beck outside to a reporter because Beyonce didn't win the award...again, and thought she deserved it more.  So his intentions to crash Beck's moment were there, he just chickened out at the last minute but still managed to disrupt the moment for Beck.  I think the next time the Grammy's airs they need to put up a baricade to block Kanye from going onstage.  A big STREET SIGN should be sufficient in stopping him.  It's worked in the past! 
 Jack-Ass Of The Day

The Walking Dead started back up again last night.  R.I.P. Tyrese.  I had no idea they'd kill someone off the first episode. I knew it would be either him or his sister to go next though. They've just introduced Noah to the cast and the rest are veterans and they wont kill them yet.  They'll wait for the season's end for one of them to go.  The only secondary characters they could kill off right now are Tyrese and his sister, or well, maybe one of those chicks with Abraham's crew.  But I think for the end of this season finale, when they kill off a regular cast of the veterans.  I think it'll be Carol.  She's played out.  It's time for her to go.  I think once you've contributed all you can contribute to it, then it's time.  It was time sad as it was though for Hershal when they killed him off, same with Andrea, and I think now Carol's usefulness as a contributing character has come to an end.  Though I've missed the mark before. 

The BAFTA awards were also on last night.  To the cable channel BBCAmerica  I would like to say from the absolute bottom of my heart personally...  
For editing out Tom Hiddleston's award presentation, and the sole reason why I both watched the damn broadcast, and taped it to the DVR as well.  You didn't think I actually watched it to see Eddie Redmayne beat Bennedict Cumberbatch again did you?

Speaking of...
And lastly and best of all HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to actor
Happy 34th Birthday LOKI!
You thing from another world you!....

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