Monday, January 25, 2016

Poco Update:

The appaloosa I'm doing for someone is named Poco, so I thought I should mention.  lol 
Here's Poco now.  She's got a new face, a neck, a tail, and a mane. 
Since giving this particular Breyer mold a new neck, it weighs it down to the front and makes her wanna fall over so to compensate for that I've cut a hole in the area right where the mare udders would be and I'm packing the hind legs with apoxie to weight the rear end down.  Unfortunately it makes the model a little heavier, but it may also help with avoiding warping if the inside of the Breyer is packed to reduce movement microscopically. If by the time I'm finished she still wants to fall forward, I may need to base her. I'm hoping I don't have to but if it's necessary, it just is what it is.  I remember I did a mule out of this same Breyer and I had to put a flat circle base on the foot. 

 I also finished the Afghan Hound.

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