Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Garlic Cheese Bread:

Wanted to post a quick recipe before getting on the the portrait I'm about to start on.  I've got a lot of art projects I'm doing and the next one up is to knock out a portrait for a family friend of a very old pitbull named Sarah.  So DOG PORTRAITS!!!  YES!!!!  I get to paint an animal!!! I will start a separate post for the pictures.

But first, I made this tonight and OH MY GOD. This one's for the records.  There's a million youtube, or facebook or whatever recipes out there for cheese bread, the kind that you cut crossways and pull apart after you bake it.  Well I just used my own stuff and threw this together.  There may be some recipes out there that may even be nearly the same to mine but I was just winging it and wasn't using anyone's recipe in particular.  But I did remember the ingredients and wanna write this down before I forget it mostly.  I REALLY don't wanna forget this one!

I picked up a $1.00 loaf of french bread at Walmart.  just the kind they sell all the time in the brown wrapper and the plastic inside bag. Any bread will do.  Now this is exactly what I did. 

Placed Bread on aluminum foil on a baking sheet. No need to grease it. Just place it. Use a big piece of foil so it's big enough to wrap around the loaf for baking. 
  • A whole bulb of fresh Garlic, [approximately 10 cloves or so]. Smash, Peel, and dice up very fine.
  • 1 Stick of Butter [butter preferred but honestly I think I used Margarine] soften in Microwave a bit
  • Dried Parsley Flakes  Approximately 2 or 3 full teaspoons
  • Dried Italian Seasoning, Approximately 2 or 3 full teaspoons
  • Sprinkle of Dehydrated Onion Flakes  Again a couple teaspoons or more, It doesn't matter
  • Dried Oregano 2  full teaspoons or so.  Really I just shake the bottle till what I like to say is enough is in the bowl. 
  • 1 big dollup [ about 1/4 cup] of Sour Cream
  • 1 big dollup [about 1/4 cup]  Mayonaise   (Again it really doesn't matter the exact amounts. It's whatever you like and how much. It's just a topping.)
  • About a cup of Mozzarella shredded cheese.
Mix it all up in a bowl with a fork.  It will be a really thick paste consistency.  Set in the fridge for about an hour at least.  I made mine a few hours before I made the bread. So the flavors go through it as it chills.  Then take it out of the fridge and soften it in the microwave a little just until it's a little warm and you can spread it.  It's best to use your hands. Cut the bread diagonally one way then cut it the opposite direction but don't go all the way through to the bottom.  Just leave it in cubes that are still attached at the bottom.  Like a blooming onion kind of.  Then take the filling and pack it all though the cut bread.  It's messy, but that's what soap and hot water is for.  Make sure you slather it all over the bread and all though it cram it in the cracks and in between each section.  Then wrap the aluminum foil around it and bake it in a hot oven at 370 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes.  When you take it out,  You got THIS!

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