Friday, January 15, 2016

New Updates:

Ok,  I've been working on another model.  I'm still stumped on that driver's side hind leg.  lol The neck is going to be shaved underneath a little more.  The body needs sanding down, rebulking in places, sanded back down again, and so on til I like it..  I used an old model I had of a Breyer grazing mare.  I started to change it to be holding it's hind leg up and scratching with it, but just decided against it.  After it sat in the project box for around 9 years.  lol I took the original head off and replaced it with a Trakehner head.  It's got more work to be done to it but it's ok so far.  I'm thinking an appaloosa cross.  I want her to be stocky shaped. Oh, and she's a mare.

Ok, now Aladdin Sane and the Afghan Hound are primed and ready for paint.  So excited. 

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