Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two 1/6 Scale Foals In Progress:

I don't know which one I'm most excited about.  I haven't see any other CM's of this Camilla foal done this way, so I'm hoping I've done something totally original, or at least different.  
The first one is a little colt foal and he's on his front knees.  I've got him all base coated and it's taken so many layers of white.  The white has to be so thin in order to cover smoothly.  But because it's so thin, it covers very lightly, so it's something you have to constantly build up.  I've now got to do a lot of cat tracks, roaning, and shading, and antiquing.  A lot of wash layers too.  But I like how he looks so far. His color is just a little raw right now.

He's going to have a lot more darker spots that are deeper within the fur. 

The next little 1/6 scale foal is going to be a filly foal and she's another drastic CM.  I'm so excited about her.  She's coming along really well so far.  I've done about all the sculpting I can to her right now because I can't find anywhere to hold on to her while I smooth the apoxie over her.  So once she's dried I will be back at it again tonight or maybe today adding more details. I'm in love with her sprawled out pose.  She's not going to have her tongue out like the kneeling one though.  I wanna do something a little different with this one.  I left the tongue out on the kneeling one.  This one I wanna change her up and close her mouth.  Her tail for right now was just left up and out of the way because I needed to sculpt her behind and gender, but once that's all finished and sanded smooth, then her tail will be lowered and dropped on down.  Maybe I will take it off and resculpt it but I don't know yet. I'm trying to leave as much of her original mane intact for this one.  I'm really thinking of doing her as a bright light chestnut foal. But i never know for sure til I finish her, but I'm really seeing her as a bright light chestnut with shaded white socks and a blaze. 

The last pictures are of the Arabian Mare I'm doing.  The loud Sabino mare.  She's now got a neck which needs more sanding and refining. But she's also getting a tail. Not done yet.

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