Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pot Bellied Pig Ready For Priming & 1/6 Scale Foal Nearly Done:

The foal is now a BOY! lol  I decided to give him the boy gender and he's also got a little bit of dried umbilical cord attached. Even though I had considered removing the little tongue from the original only because I like changing as much as I can to make the customs my own, I really liked the little tongue out on him so I shaped one side of his mouth a bit more and left it there. Trying to figure out what color to do him in. Paint, Appaloosa, buckskin?  Don't know.  He's got a mane and tail now. He's almost done.  I have some tweaking to do and more on the tail. 

And the Pot-Bellied Pig is pretty much completed.  She's got to get primed buffed and ready for paint. 

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