Thursday, October 29, 2015

Arabian Mare And 1/6 Scale Filly:

The Arabian mare is almost there.  She's needs a little more work on the tail.  Then she's off to sanding and priming. The paint.  

And the 1/6 Scale filly is looking awesome! I did some rough sanding and then added some more touches in apoxie.  She's got a tail now. I went ahead and took the original one off and made my own.  I closed her mouth, gave her new chest muscles, I replaced her left front knee. I carved out all her hooves. Even the front left folded one.  I love how she's so sprawled out!  I love it when i get new models I've never worked with before and get fresh ideas to do them in.  I'm so late getting this 1/6 scale foal though.  They were always like $39.00 on Ebay and they haven't really come down much at all.  I was so lucky to find these two I got at Ollies for $19.99 each.  I got one and a Lonesome Glory (Zenyatta) a couple weeks back for $19.99 each.  They had like two 1/6 scale foals left I think.  I just didn't have enough money to get another one and I didn't know how well it would work, and I know Lonesome Glory is a good model to use for anything.  So i went back to Ollie's the more than two weeks after I bout the first foal hoping they had another one left because I really wanted to tackle that laying down foal I saw in a reference photo.  So I went in, and they had ONE LEFT just sitting in the front of the store.  So I grabbed it. Good thing I did. lol

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