Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Mr. Shultz" Completed:

Well, the Hackney stallion "Mr. Shultz" is completed pretty much.  I do wanna go back and re-spray seal him in Tester's Dull Coat instead of the Matt spray I used.  It's still humid from all the moisture from the rain and I don't like it as well.  But I went ahead and made his halter and everything.  He'll be listed possibly in Ebay within the next couple days.

I have a set of shoes, but i don't know if they will work with his feet having to lock into that base the way it is so he can stand.  I don't know if I can fit the shoes to him or not.  I will check and see.  
Here he is so far.  I haven't done the full photo shoot for him yet but these are just a few pictures of him right now. 

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