Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween is coming!:

Almost done with the Paint horse "Blue".  Although it's hard to see his eyes in the picture, they're painted now.  He's had his tail antiqued a little and his mane needs some more antiquing. His hooves are stripped and natural. His base needs to be covered in the greenery I have for it, and then he's hopefully done. I'll get the greenery on tonight.

And the Kirin is finally getting some color. I really like this little one. She's got a ways to go yet.

And finally I'm doing some pumpkins!!!!!!!!  I've done a Loki one and now I'm almost done with a Tom Hiddleston one. I've got to figure out what to do about the seam line thickness on the inside of the pumpkins where they join the two halves together when they cast them.  I think I'm just going to have to cut the hole in the bottom big enough to fit my whole hand in there to sand the darkness down til it lightens up on the bands where the seams would be.  It's leaving a dark area going around the pumpkin. I just didn't wanna leave such a huge hole in the bottom.  I only made it big enough to be able to change the light bulb when needed but I think it would look better without the darker bands on it.  I've got the Loki one listed in Ebay already. I'm still working on Tom though.  I'm going to have a Walking Dead Bicycle Girl one for Halloween and a David Bowie labyrinth one hopefully. Loki was the first ever pumpkin I've ever done like this. Not bad for a first attempt at a new type of art!

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