Monday, October 27, 2014

Carving a Loki "Thor 2 The Dark World" Pumpkin from start to finish:

I've been having so much fun doing pumpkins this Halloween.  Here's a second Loki Tom Hiddleston Pumpkin I'm working on. This isn't a real pumpkin I should say.  It's one of those foam pumpkins you find at Michael's Craft stores and other places only around Halloween.  They're so expensive to buy without a coupon or something I can't get them til they start putting them on clearance. Even then they wont drop them more than 40% off til they're gone. $29.99 for a foam pumpkin.  Highway robbery. Anyway, here's the Loki pumpkin start to finish.

And pretty much Done.  I may want to add some text on the back for a shadow effect on the wall but I don't know yet. 

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