Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Nightmare Series Stablemate Version of "Banshee":

Here's here!  The new Nightmare Series model for this Halloween season.  It's another Stablemate sized version of a Traditional piece.  As folks may remember I had the "Child's Play" rocking horse traditional Nightmare model earlier this year.  But this Halloween season there's the second stablemate version sized Nightmare ever done.  As I've always maintained and still do maintain, each Nightmare Series horse I as an artist make, is a single One Of A Kind piece. They are never available as commissions, to give everyone a chance to equally obtain one.  And I never make two of the same model.  Once a Nightmare Series horse creation is made, that's it.  The only one.  There was such a huge response to my Nightmare Series past creations that in order to revamp (no pun intended) the series without duplicating the same models ruining the uniqueness and individuality of them, I've decided to make when possible, a STABLEMATE mini version of some of the classic creations, preserving the One Of A Kind label as well as being able to do something to bring back the original.  But just like the Traditional sized originals, once these Stablemate versions are gone, they are also gone for good.  I wont make duplicate.  So some Nightmares may have a Mini version of itself out there somewhere. Just as unique and rare.  Last Halloween I made a mini version of "Dead Last",  the second creation in the Nightmare Series and by far the most popular of them all. This year, I've recreated a smaller version of the wild Mustang, "Banshee" howling on the cemetary hill by the haunting light of the moon.  This new little guy is the screaming image of the original and will be available Monday night October 6th, on MH$P with an opening offer of $200.00. He'll have a 10 day deadline. To view all the images of this little guy, go to .  You'll find him in Model Repaints-Breyer Repaints- Horses- Series Collections- Nightmare Series, for those who aren't familiar with the site's layout. 

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