Sunday, September 14, 2014

Paint Horse Updates and The Kirin!:

I'm adding more to the paint horse.

And I'm also working on a San Domingo with a head swap which will be a awesome little cow pony or maybe a Quarter pony or something.  I'll have to see what that body is as far as breeds.  I couldn't take any pictures because of how it's propped up letting the apoxie dry.  The head is being attached right now and if I move it it'll fall and It's currently setting on my messy work bench and I didn't wanna have that be the backdrop for the picture. lol  I'll take some shots of it tomorrow. BUT I'm doing a KIRIN!  I've never done one before.  I had this little foal that I wanted to do as a saddlebred but decided instead to do it as a Kirin.  I think it's gonna be adorable.  Oh, and the Dogo set was just primed so they were too wet to move and take pictures of them.  Tomorrow on those too.  

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