Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Commission Model and some DOGS:

Remember the Offers Deadline on the Arabian Sabino Mare is the 13th at 10 PM.  Her current offer is at $650.00
Submit Offers to 

Here is a new commission model.  It's a paint horse gelding out of the Oldenburg showjumper model with a head swap.
He's in the earliest stages.

And here is something new.  A pair of Dogo Argentino dogs.  Puppy and dad.

There's still alot of sculpt work to do to the face on the dad yet.  The puppy is just going to be painted I think because he already looks like one as a puppy.
The next model I'm excited about.  I think I'm doing it as a tri-colored English Setter.  I was torn between a Gordon and an English but I may go with the English in either tri- color or Lemon and white.  I don't know.  But I LOVE the head lowered. 

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