Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Boys (And One Girl) All Grown Up:

My Chin puppies we had all grown up now.  Well the boys anyway.  I haven't seen the two girls yet.

Here's "Mickey", name still the same but spelled "Mikki" then. 
And this is Mickey now. 

Here's "Moonie" still named "Moonie" then.
And here's "Moonie" now.

Here's "Checkers"  now named "Loquito" then.
And here's "Checkers" aka "Loquito" now.

And here's "Uno" who is now named "Oreo" then.

And "Uno" aka "Oreo" now. (after a trip to the groomers for a trim)

And UPDATE! "Bandy" then..
And "Bandy" (still named "Bandy")  now!

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