Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Cuddle Clones. NEVER AGAIN (updated):

(Update Below)
I'm too upset to even type right now. 

Ok,  Update.  The above is a picture of what they sent and on the right a photoshopped image I made of what they should have done to it.  I'm all ready to stick this thing back in the mail and then I keep thinking... "This photoshopped image.. It's so clear.  Maybe if I call these people and send them the photoshopped image showing the changes that need to be made, then they'll fix it.  How can they screw it up even worse????  Then I remembered my luck in life with everything I put faith in and everything I get my hopes over. I'm so used to getting the short straw with everything I do, I have absolutely no ability to be hopeful.  None.
 I knew they'd only attempt to fix it once and after that, I wouldn't be able to get a refund after I get it back a second time. So I have to send it back and gamble the whole $200 on them not getting it right a second time. I absolutely have no faith in anything.  Nope.  They'd screw it up. I know I can do just about anything when it comes to art, so I figured I could fix it.  I haven't dyed fabric before, or worked in soft sculpturing much.  
I decided that the people at the factory weren't going to screw up my Clone of Cricket any further. Plus I didn't think they'd take the time to do the soft sculpting to her bottom jaw and whole muzzle that had to be done.  Just retouch the paint.  So I first ordered fabric dye from Ebay, not knowing much about dying fabrics myself.  I don't do much of that. I looked up the best brands of dyes.  I ordered two colors, (Black and Russet) but impatient and fearing I'd not bought the right thing, I went to Michael's craft store and found some there. I bought black, brown, and orange. (to make the rust color shadowing under Cricket's eyes.) I bought the longest needles they had which still weren't long enough.  I then went to Walmart and found an even longer pack of needles. So two packs of needles and two sets of paints.  (sigh)  And the whole time I keep thinking,  "I shouldn't have to even DO THIS!!!!"  I paid these people over $200 bucks to do what I'm having to do my damn self! So I get home and I sit there for 2 1/2 hours taking stitches from the inside of the ear down to the mouth then back up to the inside of the ears pulling the muzzle inward. I pulled that big fat bag of a bottom muzzle under her mouth that looked like a pelican in and rounded her muzzle tighter to have that little mouse face Cricket has.  I also took a stitch up under the eye and pulled that down to the corner of the jaw to level it out where they attached her left eye higher than the right one..  You're basically doing plastic surgery on a plush animal.  Nip and tuck here and there til it's correct. I used the photoshopped image I made to go by, and I think I got it pretty spot on.  It's actually very easy to do.  I used the dye and thinned it down with water so I didn't go too dark and took my time.  I did the rust under the eyes, and then I shaded the black on the mouth and muzzle, between the mouth and nose. I darkened her eye brow whiskers, and gave it Cricket's signature church-mouse smile. I just took my time but it was so easy, which left me even more pissed because I paid this company over $200 and they could've easily done this. There is no excuse in the way they left that plush.   It was simple to get this dog to look EXACTLY like Cricket in the face and they couldn't even do this.  No.  I had to. That's the part that sucks.  They do the body, they get her color wrong (which I've said I could live with) Cricket's an ashy light silvery grey with cream undertones.  This plush is like a peachy orange and white.  Her back should be darker black (which I may still have to try and shade darker myself) .  But they sent a completely unfinished face sculpt. Very little painting to it at all. I basically had to do around 30% of the work to get this clone to look like my dog, but I paid THEM $200+.  (shaking my head)   So the morale to this story is.....C'mon say it with me. 

If you want something done have to do it yourself.
Here is a picture below of the before and the after. (I also brushed out her fur a little more too) Now you tell me which one looks like my dog. 

 Now....she looks like my Cricket... and it only cost me $200 for the opportunity to paint it. (eye-roll)


  1. Erase the comments all you want, doesn't change the fact you don't understand how these kinds of things work.

  2. I understand exactly how these "things" work. You send the company $200 to $250 bucks, multiple detailed photographs and a detailed written description of your pet, they make a replica of that pet.
    Some of them come back looking exactly like the pets and some of them come back looking like a shit job a middle schooler could do in home economics class. For $200+ dollars for a little stuffed animal, I'm sorry but I expect the same damn results THOUSANDS of other people get from that company every day. (.....and, "anonymous", since you decided not to get one yourself what do you care?)

  3. And PS...things aren't always as "anomymous" as you think. I can't believe you posted a comment on here and didn't know I'd know it was you.

  4. I'm so sorry things turned out like this for you. I make teddy-style custom plush pets and started long before CC...I'd be happy to make Cricket for you if you like my style and are interested! My site is I'm a one gal biz and take my time to get things right for my customers. I send preview pix before shipping so you can approve everything, and/or make any necessary changes. :) Stacey

  5. You did an amazing job! I'm put off them because it looks like they send really good ones to famous Instagrammers and then dodgy ones to normal folk.

  6. I am so happy you made this post because I couldn't agree more with your statement and the results as well. I was searching online to find someone else's opinion which matched because I personally feel disappointed by most of the results I find. I'm sure people are paid to say positive things on YouTube so I had to search elsewhere. I for one would like to do this but I expect at least 90% likeness and results considering my fur babies are extremely important to me. And for that price tag it only makes sense for things to be top-notch notch and good quality. I would be extremely pissed off if I received this kind of results and I for one will not be going with them and I'm going to check out sock dogs. Thank you for making this post