Friday, July 21, 2017

New Projects In Progress:

Working on a stablemate TWH.  It's the I think, G3 TWH stablemate that's walking.  I'm turning him into a parked out TWH instead. I've got more work to do on the right hind pastern and the front legs.  He's still being shaped. 

I've also created some dogs.  I used a Breyer Beagle and made a Japanese Chin (which is in MH$P right now) I'll leave a link. CLICK HERE

And I've made a Blue Chow Chow sitting like Chow's are known to sit.  Like bears. He's got one hind leg normally positioned with the other tucked under with his back paw out.  And I did this one out of a Breyer chocolate Lab model.  This is a really drastic CM.  He's now in MH$P also.
Click HERE

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