Monday, July 24, 2017

Jersey Cow Work In Progress:

This one is the cow I've been painting now.  I did some sculpting to her to change her.  She's got all new fuller udders and teats. She's had her head lowered and turned. Her tail separated from her leg. And I opened her mouth some because she's going to have some hay inserted into her mouth like she's eating.  I'm thinking of doing her as a full blooded Jersey or maybe a Holstein Jersey cross, but I haven't decided. I do want her to have some white on her though, so even then she could still be a full blooded Jersey because they can have white patches also.  She's going through a lot of pastelling and then I'm doing layers of acrylic washes which right now is why she looks really sloppy. She's just got base coloring in right now.  Then I shadow that and then highlight, then detail. 
So she's in a rough stage right now but she'll look better soon.  She's also a lot darker than the camera is picking up.  I had the same problem with the last Akhal Teke mare too.  She's a lot darker than she looks in the pictures.  But hopefully I'll get some really accurate pictures when she's done. Her face is going to be really dark but I'm also darkening her body also.  She's going to be one of those very dark rich colored Jerseys. Like this one.

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