Sunday, July 30, 2017

New Models Coming Up:

(Edited to say,  You know the more I look at the Brahma, the more I've decided he needs to be polled!  I think his face is too wrinkly and cute to hide or be distracted by the horns getting in the way.  OFF THEY GO! lol)

I'm working on some new models currently.  I'm kind of excited about how some of these are going so far, because a couple I haven't done before..  
I'm doing another Dairy Cow, but that's not anything  

And I'm also working on a dancing Marwari out of a Lonesome Glory model.  It's neck-less right now. lol.

Next, I'm doing something I haven't done in a while.  A LONGGGG while.  I started digging around my old model box and found a Brahma Bull I started years ago and never finished.  I tore it back down and started over.  I did a bit of an overhaul to him.  He's got new eyes. I sculpted new eye sockets and eyes over the existing ones and gave him a lot more detail. You know how the Breyer original Brahma has these almost cutesy cat shaped eyes that are too big?  Really odd. I gave him new eyes and eye wrinkles. I gave him a more droopy pouty mouth. He's got a new dewlap under his chin and down to his chest that's larger than the original. Both of his original ears were removed and new larger floppier ears are sculpted to look more realistic.  I had originally turned this guy's horns downward and left them long, but the more reference pictures of Brahma bulls I looked at the more natural looking it was to have the horns shortened a bit.  The horns aren't so unrealistically long now.  He's got a slightly larger hump on his back and more muscle. His tail was removed from the leg and swinging straight down and I added more whispy hair to the end of it too. 
I'm liking this bull a lot.  Can't wait to paint him. Oh and I almost forgot. lol  I turned his head to one side a little so he's not facing straight ahead so stiff looking. I'm still on the fence if I should remove his horns and poll him altogether though.  I don't know if he'd actually look better with no horns. Hmmm

Now, I've never done this before.  I think it's bound to have been done before by someone though.  I mean how many ways can you resculpt this guy without doing something similar.  But I've never done this before so I'm excited about it.  I'm doing the spanish fighting bull standing with his head up and walking. I love this! I also turned his horns more forward. He's got a new bottom lip and dewlap.  I have a small section on his chest I couldn't get to while he was still damp and needed to wait for him to dry and set up before completing him.  I'm not sure how I wanna paint him.  I love this picture I found of a spanish bull that's black and has some white on his stomach and undersides like a sabino type marking.  Then, I found some pictures of a black and white splashy flashy roaning looking one.  I don't know what I wanna do.  I guess whatever jumps out at me that seems to fit the sculpture is what I'll do. 

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