Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Poco Complete And New 1/6 Scale Foal:

I shouldn't say complete yet without the people who are getting her giving the final say, but so far she's pretty much complete.  I need to find out what else she needs done to her. 

But here she is. 

I've also started a pair of 1/6 Scale Camila foals again.  I've got another stretched out one I'm doing.  I loved that first one's pose so much, I really wanna try that again.  And the next one is in a semi rearing frolicking pose.  The laying down stretched one I didn't bother to take progress shots of because I've already posted so many pictures of the first one I did like that.  So there's no point really.  But here is the second one.

I'm aiming for the little bay foal in the below picture as a reference and guide. 

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