Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Getting Ready To Paint:

I'm ready to start painting Poco and a couple other models.  I like to paint several at once and while one's drying from being sprayed and resting, I can be jumping to something else.  Also helps not to get bored or going slightly insane staring at the same piece for so long with no break. lol  
I did finish the black and tan Afghan Hound.  His name is "Duke". 

And also, I've got one of the two Valegro Stablemates ready for paint.  The laying down one.  I am going to sand that front pastern a tiny little bit I think.  Maybe. I'm planning I think to do this laying down one in a dapple grey.

The second one I'm so excited about.  This one has really been a challenge but I'm in the home stretch with it now I think.  I need to shave that hind right leg down and shape it a bit more. I need to sand and dremmel away a lot of muscle and shape things up. The right hind leg is way to stick and chunky yet, but I'm getting there.  I fitted her with two flat foot bases so she can stand on her own without a huge base, but what I think I may do is have her able to attach with sticky wax to a clear piece of stiff plastic. That was she's stable and doesn't have to have a larger base because those foot bases, although stable, they are very small and she may need more support.  Wouldn't want her falling off the show table. lol  And I have a feeling she's going to clean up at the shows. I'm thinking since I've done full passing or half passing models in dapple grey and seal bay before. I'm going to do this one in a flaming chestnut I think.  Not positive but I'm feeling chestnut and a blaze. 

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