Thursday, July 16, 2015

Walkaloosa getting his spots and Shire mare almost done:

Another day more updates.  Ok, I did shave down all that mane and ruff around his shoulder and he looks much much better now with more equine characteristics than the sheep like body of a cashmere goat. The tail needs tweaking though.  He's coming along. I can't do too much sculpting on him because I'll have no way of holding on to him while I sculpt. So he's drying now.  I think I want to do a second one maybe, only because I can't decide on the color.  Well, I can decide but the thing is he'd look so good in both color ideads I had.  I want to do this guy in a antiqued shaded white coloration, but I also thought he would look incredible as a dark faced silver sable.  With a blackened face and black legs and just a smokey sable color. So maybe I should do two of them and paint one one way and the other the other way. But I will see how he looks when he's done.  Sometimes I picture something a certain color all the way through the creation and finally, I"m like, naaahhhh.  Let's go with something else.  So he may better suit to dark blackened wolf sable.  

Here is the Shire mare nearing completion.  She's going to have the mane braided ribbon and tail ribbons.

I took two sets of pictures of the TWH.  With flash and without the flash.  He's looking like a show stopper to me. 

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