Wednesday, July 15, 2015

TWH CM and more:

Well here's the TWH or Walkaloosa I've been knee deep in. He's a roan walkaloosa. I have a reference picture I'm working on him from.  He's got a lot more detailing yet to do. Here he is with his base coloring. He's going to resemble Silver Cloud a little bit I think.

And here's the whatever you call it.  I have been on Google for 20 mins trying to relocate the name of this half goat half horse creature and I can't find it anywhere now.  So I'm going to have to check all my scraps of papers around my computer and see if I can find the piece of paper I wrote the thing's name on back when I located it online..   I'm torn on how to do this.
I filled in the fur around the shoulder on the left side, but when i looked at the right side with the bare muscle showing and just a smaller ruff of fur around the neck and jaw I kind of liked that better. So now I don't know whether I wanna shave the fur off the shoulder and leave it more like the other side or fill in the fur on the other side to match what's already sculpted.  I don't want it to look totally wooly like a goat. I do want it to be horse like with fringes of fur and trim around the legs and feet and chest, like the Kirin's I did.  I don't know. I'm still tweaking it. 

Looking at him again, I really think I'm gonna shave down some of that apoxie on the shoulder and do it more sparsely and leave him more horse like. I really like the above side better.  (I guess)


  1. Thanks so much for posting. I know he can't be a Centaur because those are half man/human. Satyr is basicall a Faun, goat /man. I just wish i knew where I put that piece of paper with the word on it. (pulls out hair) lol