Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shout Outs From Luvjeordie Studios:

I'm gonna add some new updates on a couple horses tonight hopefully.  The Goat Equine creature and the Appaloosa TWH, which is already spoken for.  (sorry guys, he didn't make it to the auction block lol)  

But I wanna introduce "my peoples"  to this crafter, Angela Venable. that has a Youtube channel and a lot of other outlets.  You've got to see her artwork. but more than that you really should check out the YouTube channel.  I LOVE her accent.  Straight up Cajun I think.  Anyway, I crack up laughing every time at some of the videos.   But on a crafting note, you've GOT to see the work they do.  They make distressed canvas's (something I hope to do soon)  and scrapbooks and just albums and jewelry.  You've GOT to see the latest book they just made.  I wanted to put a link to it in here, as well as a link to their Ebay auction for it.  It's for sale.  The price may seem startling to some people $200.00 but it's really not for those of you that have ever priced scrap booking papers, embellishments, ribbons, and pre-printed card stocks, and stamped papers and inks and all of those things that go into making thinks like this.  It aint cheap. let me tell you.  And the amount of contents in this particular album, as well as the work and time, and the fact the album it'self is completely made.  It's not just an album that was decorated. no. The book itself was made in another video I'm gonna post the link to also, from scratch all the way down to the spine and page dividers.  If you like distressed cluttered scrap books or albums with tons of pockets to tuck things into and explore for hours, you're gonna love this.  There's just something about looking and through an album or book that has tons of little  nooks, and crannies, and secret compartments, and hidden pockets.  It reminds me of back when I was a child exploring my mom's, and grandmothers old pocket books in the closet looking for old quarters.... or the occasional petrified roll of lifesavers.  lol . 

But mostly check out the character of this lady.  She's hilarious, and really addictive to watch.  You'll wanna subscribe to her channel for sure. 

Here is the first video making the album.

Here's the second video of the completed album.

Here's the Ebay auction link for those that may wanna buy it. 


  1. Thank you so much for this post! You made my day!!! :) I truly appreciate it! *hugs*

  2. No problem Angela! Happy to do it. I wish more people would get into doing distressed canvas art and scrapbooks like this. You don't see it as often. I want to do a horse with this type of a theme at some point soon. I have an idea I'm bouncing around right now involving a Breyer horse and a distressed mixed media look.