Sunday, May 31, 2015

Good News on Silver Cloud:

Well Silver Cloud is back home and I'm relieved beyond comprehension to say the damage is minimal at best.  What I was under the impression was that his whole ear missing and in need of being completely remade/sculpted, is actually just a small chip off the edge of one ear. And the shoe coming off, is barely even loose on one tiny little part. There was a slight rub on the edge of the hoof where the shoe was attached but that's something I can fix in my sleep. LOL  So he's gonna be fine. No problem at all.  So I will have him done in the next day or so and he'll be ready to go to another Live show if I can find a proxy shower to take him.  I still wish he could get to Breyerfest this year, but probably wont. 

My back's still stiff.

I shaved down the two goats and the Poms yesterday morning.  I'm cutting grass today so I hope I don't breath anything that'll kill me.  I'm not trusting my back yard anymore.  It's like the movie "The Happening".  I think my yard is trying to kill me. 

So that's my update for today...

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