Sunday, May 17, 2015

Silver Cloud's First Show and More Projects:

Well the charity auction's painting is signed sealed and delivered, and I guess bid on and won.  lol  
Now on to other things.  I've been sick lately.  I don't know what's going on.  I can't breath.  I was working in the yard two weeks ago and burning some brush and I know I was both handling AND burning (like an idiot) Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper (though they say Virginia Creeper is non toxic), we have it all over everything and every single time I handle it, I break out horribly.  Well, I was burning a lot of brush and limbs and some of those toxic and nontoxic vines, and I've got the lungs right now of someone with the flu or something.  Just can't get any air. Or it feels like the air is so humid I can't get any oxygen out of the air I'm taking in.  I've been popping Benydril like Tic Tacs so hopefully it's nothing more complicated and just an allergic reaction that's taking a while to clear up.  I just have constant shortness of breath, but I'm trying not to scare myself.  Anyway, back to art projects.  I'm working on a new Appaloosa out of this time a Trakehner Breyer. 

 I've also started a new fantasy creature I'm excited about out of a Breyer Lonesome Glory model.  It's a creature that I forgot the official name of but it's a cross between a horse and a goat. It's gonna be amazing when it's done and so I'll document the progress on here.  

I'm working on a ASB stablemate that's going to be a more refined saddlebred parked out.  It's going through some more elegant changes.   

And finally "Silver Cloud" is going by way of a proxy to his first show on May 31st I think is when it is.  This is so exciting. I so wish he could go to Breyerfest this year but I may not get him there. If there is someone who is going to Breyerfest and have good references for proxy showing and would be willing to take him, email me or just post here. I would love to have him go.  I've had another horse I've done go to Breyerfest but it wasn't under my name.  He was shown while owned by someone else so I've never had one of my own models go to too many shows.  I've made him a turquoise and silver studded black leather show halter and he's now got metal horseshoes on.