Friday, June 5, 2015

Ice Cream! * Only 2 Ingredients! * No Ice Cream Maker:

Oh yeah,  I'm not kidding!  

Make your own Ice cream with only two ingredients and you don't need an ice cream maker.  No rock salt. No Ice. No bucket. No turning a handle for hours. No noisy machine. lol 
I can't believe I never knew how to do this before. 
Ok, I've found the best tasting Ice Cream ever! I make my own ice cream now.  I don't think I will ever buy pre-made processed ice cream from the stores again.  Unless it's a flavor I can't live without, you know like, Birthday Cake or something.  lol  but I think I can make that myself to!

Anyway, the best part about this is it's completely natural and doesn't have any preservatives or weird crap added to it, and you know how your ice cream is always getting funky smelling if you keep it too long in the freezer? Freezer burn?  ok, I feel like such an idiot. I didn't know you could do this. I always thought you needed a bucket maker and the ice, and tons of salt and you have to get the mix, and wait and even when you finished it was always kinda runny or when it froze  solid it had too much ice throughout.....because it was too runny.  Anyway, there's a much easier way to make Ice cream and it tastes better than any  ice cream you could get from a store.  I was shocked. 

Ok, without further rambling here goes. 

You need: 

Heavy Whipping Cream (1 quart sized container)
(even though I have a pint sized container pictured, get a QUART)

1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk (I prefer the Fat Free)

And that's basically it, though you may wanna add a splash of Vanilla. I didn't bother to include that as a 3rd ingredient because most people have Vanilla extract in their kitchen cabinet.  But a teaspoon or so of Vanilla is also something you'd really want, so say 3 ingredient ice cream then. lol

Ok, now this is not a requirement but it's a good idea all the same.  Common sense tells us you'll need something to put it in anyway, but try these.  
This is the GLAD containers you can get at any store, or Walmart is where I got mine.  This comes in a pack of three, and it's about the size that would hold a half gallon sized amount of Ice Cream.  Any sealable container would work though. 

OK, make sure your Heavy Whipping Cream (not half and half) is cold.  It wouldn't hurt to chill the can of Sweetened Condensed milk either though I didn't with mine. Just left it room temp. Makes it easier to pour.  
pour half of the quart of cream into a bowl and with your hand mixer or whatever mixer you use, mix it up until it forms stiff peaks.  It takes about 5 minutes or so. Just whip the cream til it turns into whipped cream topping. It does it on it's own.  Just beat it til it's thick. Now, dump your whole can of Sweetened Condensed Milk into the whipped cream and blend it until it's all mixed. Nothing fancy, just make sure it's mixed. Add your splash of Vanilla, and Boom! DONE!
Dump it into the container and set it in the freezer and in a few short hours, Vanilla Ice Cream! That's all you have to do.  No more mixing, no taking it back out and stirring or anything else.  just whip up the cream, add the milk, splash of vanilla to taste and that's it. Freeze it and it's ice cream.
Now, this is how I did mine. I made two. One I took Reese's Cups and crumbled them up and stirred them in before freezing. 

And this is the best one. There is an AMAZING invention out there in stores. I don't know if any of you have discovered this yet, but this has got to be the most amazing invention since sliced bread AND mayo in a jar. It's powdered Peanut Butter.  I'm not kidding.  Powdered freakin Peanut Butter! When I saw it I cracked up laughing.  I said, "What are you supposed to do with this?  Snort it?"  Out of curiosity I bought it. I thought this stuff must taste like crap.  Like most powdered or dehydrated stuff does.  No way! This stuff taste exactly like Peanut Butter.  You just add water and mix up however much you want. Only it's not greasy like Peanut Butter is in a jar. No floating oil puddle in the jar.  And this is the best part.  I made Peanut Butter flavored Butter Cream cake frosting with it and it mixed up light smooth and fluffy. It tasted like peanut butter mouse frosting it was so smooth and fluffy.  You know how making peanut butter cake icing is all heavy, grainy, and so dense it 's impossible to spread?  Not this stuff. This is the best invention for using Peanut butter ever.  I noticed it disappeared from the PB shelves at Walmart only to find it again the other night in the overstock section. God, I hope they aren't discontinuing this stuff because people were too afraid to try it.  It's the best stuff on earth. 
And i see it's 85% less fat calories which is an even bigger bonus because this tastes nothing like diet Peanut butter.  Ok, so what I did for my other Ice cream was after mixing the batch up, I took a few large spoonfuls in a smaller bowl and added some of the peanut butter powder to it.  Didn't mix it into PB first.  just added the naked powder to the ice cream mix.  Stirred it all up til it was smooth. Then returned it back to the ice cream and swirled it around.  Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream!

The possibilities are endless with this simple recipe. You can add cocoa powder and make your own chocolate. Add a swirl of Hershey's syrup in either chocolate, strawberry, or caramel.  Any candy bars or cookies crushed up.  Mix up some coffee extra strong and add it to the whipping cream. I also thought that you can cut the sweetened condensed milk by half a can and add some greek yogurt to cut down on the sweetness and make it even healthier because even with fat free Sweetened Condensed milk and no extra sugar, it's really sweet ice cream.  You can add granola or fruit to it. Strawberries, mango, take some banana to a blender and add that for banana ice cream.  With summer coming up and as simple as it is and also with it being so organic and pure, no preservatives, it's a cool idea.  Plus, with 1 quart of Heavy cream, and 2 cans of Sweetened Condensed milk, you've got a whole gallon's worth pretty much of Ice Cream.
Have Fun!

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