Friday, February 7, 2014

TWH Updates and some other stuff too:

I've been working more on the walker.  He's still got a ways to go yet. I may change his neck and head position though.  He's facing forward. He's not primed yet so with his original ASB breyer paint still showing through on some places it messes with the sculpt.  I'll work on him maybe tonight.

I've started this little guy a while ago.  he's the Clydesdale foal.  I changed the neck and the tail and did a lot of work to the feathering on the legs and I think now I may do him as a Belgian foal.

And lastly I'm working on this little thing.  I'm doing it into a mare, I just don't know what breed right now.  It's the SM belgian mold.  I've given it a complete overhaul.
I've got to work on her legs a lot still. I'm wondering if I may need to lengthen them a bit.

Then I'm almost done with the Nightmare horse..

Oh, and I designed another new picture to do a painting of.  This is going to look amazing ...I hope! 

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